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Experience camel racing in Dubai

Creative Commons/ Lars Plougmann
Creative Commons/ Lars Plougmann
You’ve been part of the glitzy and glamour culture of Dubai and want to experience something different. Bored of shopping, viewing grandiose structures and savouring the cuisine you want the taste of something different. Something that is unique to Dubai. Camel races in Dubai may be just the answer to your prayers.

The camel races are supported by the government and provide financial support to the camel owners. The races are held in the winter season from late October to early April. Races are generally held on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Camel racing is a popular sport throughout the UAE with well equipped racetracks to support it. They are located mostly at the outskirts of the city and entry if free. Binoculars are allowed though no cameras are permitted. Light beverages are served. The King’s Cup is a most coveted prize in Dubai.

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