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Transportation in Dubai

Dubai bus transport
Credit: Imre Solt
In the UAE, Dubai is one of the most developed city.

Dubai has visitors not just from neighbouring countries but people across the world come here for leisure and business. At times the business travellers and tourists staying in Dubai are more than the actual number of citizens in the city. Dubai transportation system is maintained by the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA).

Public Transport: Bus services in Dubai are inexpensive and are the easiest way to travel anywhere in Dubai and also within the UAE. Currently, RTA runs 504 buses on 62 bus routes. On weekends, Fridays and public holidays schedules are re-arranged to accommodate the rise of passenger traffic.

RTA also has night bus services which operate between 11.30 pm till 6.00 am. This bus service is linked with regular bus service maintaining the fluidity in the timetable of buses.

RTA also connects itself with other Emirates in UAE with Inter-Emirates bus service via 11 routes, 12 take-off points and 17 drop-off points. Bus timetables can be found on RTA’s official website.

Dubai Taxi:

Dubai taxi
Credit: WN / Smita

Dubai Taxi has its own official website namely Dubai Taxi Corporation. Dubai Taxi is a public transport mode availed by many visitors, as it's convenient and offers more privacy and luxury. Whether you book a pre-paid taxi or hire on the roadside, taxis are generally a preferred way of travelling in Dubai. Various services are offered by Dubai Taxi Corporation to suit each individual  These include direct booking via a 24-hour phone number where the taxi will arrive within15 minutes at your location. Ladies Taxi Service available for ladies and families ensures the safety of them at any time of the day. Fares for different taxi services can be found on Dubai Taxi Corporations official site.

Dubai Metro: To learn more about Dubai Metro you can visit the blog Dubai Metro.

Water Taxis:

Water taxi Dubai
Credit: WN / Smita

Water taxis connect Dubai old and new Dubai via Dubai Creek. It is one of the oldest and traditional modes of transport of getting across from Bur Dubai to Deira called as‘Abras’ or waterbus. While the Abras are more conventional, the waterbus is an advanced version of the Abra;  more luxurious and comfortable mode of water transport. Water taxi time tables can be viewed on the RTA official website.

Air Travel

Travelling within the Emirates or arriving from an outside country to Dubai, Air Travel proposes services to its customers like no other. Especially the Dubai International Airport is known more for its Duty-Free Shopping rather than its main function i.e. as a travel medium.

To learn more about Dubai International Airport visit the blog Dubai International Airport and for Duty-Free Shopping visit the blog Duty-Free Shopping


Najma Quresh
The fascinating feature of Dubai transportation is its Dubai Metro, Water taxis.Connecting the places from one place to another, Old Dubai to New is also one of the oldest traditions.It can also be helpful in the transportation of goods from old Dubai to New Dubai. One should definitely try out this mode of transportation when in Dubai.
One day, I got a five minutes bus ride inside the Dubai Airport which was really nice. The temperature was really really skin burning but inside the bus was cool & calm. What I realized, The UAE government is trying to use modern technology in everywhere.
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Thank you for this good information about the transportation on Dubai. Booking a Taxi is simple and just a few clicks away in Dubai.
Thanks for sharing such nice information about transportation in Dubai. Last time when I visited Dubai I booked a taxi from City guide and experience was so comfortable.
Dubai taxi is good in case you are in a hurry or getting late for reaching the destination. Booking a taxi from taxi service company is also a good option to save time. City Guide is one of them and for details, you can visit
Hey, I was just browsing about Dubai's transportation and landed here. Definitely, informative & helpful article for people like me. Thank you for sharing!
Thank you for good information about Transportation services in Dubai
very awesome. I really like this type of info about Tourist Transportation Service and thanks to author/admin for post this helpful article.
Transportation in Dubai is known for its modernity, efficiency, and a wide range of options to get around the city. Dubai has invested heavily in its transportation infrastructure to cater to its rapidly growing population and tourism movers and packers in dubai industry.

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