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Arabic Gahwa: A Taste of History in Every Sip

Arabic coffee pot
Credit: Unsplash/Kier in Sight Archives

How can you be in Dubai and miss out on the hospitality? Hospitality is central to Emirati culture, and in the emirate, one must immerse in the Arabic traditions. Taking the time to savor Arabic coffee or Gahwa is a delightful part of this experience. Here's everything you need to know.

The Essence of Gahwa

Coffee lovers, you'll love to savour the Arabic coffee steeped in history and hospitality. Serving spicy coffee is an important facet of hospitality in Emirati society. Marked by elaborate customs and rituals, the traditional Emirati black coffee is a delight to all senses. The aromatic coffee blend is created from the finest Arabica Coffee Beans, which offer robust flavours and incredible aroma.

Where do you find it?

Coffee lovers will find an exciting modern variation to the beverage, which includes gahwa lattes, iced gahwa, and flavored versions with rose water or orange blossom, blending traditional heritage with contemporary tastes. Whether you are looking for modern variations or traditional flavored ones, Dubai has numerous spots, from luxury hotels to local cafes and restaurants where you can enjoy gahwa.

Spicy coffee steeped in aroma and flavours

Gahwa is a feast to the senses and one stimulating coffee experience that one must try. If you're wondering about the taste, picture an array of spices and flavourings blended, which gets added to the distinctive, sweet scent. The aromas include the fresh, floral scent of cardamom, the spicy, woody scent of cloves, the deep, earthy fragrance of cumin, and the delicate, honeyed aroma of saffron. Naturally, each sip is a sensory journey, offering a glimpse into the traditional Emirati flavour palette.

Health benefits of Gahwa

The fragrant drink has plenty of health benefits too. The coffee beans have anti-inflammatory properties and gahwa is a perfect beverage that works like a healthy energy drink. Apart from this, the drink improves digestion, strengthens the immune system, releases stress, regulates blood pressure, and more.

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