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International Kite Festival - 2012

Kite Festival
Credit: Pixabay
An invitation to you and your family for the International Kite Festival in Dubai, join a wonderful event before it is too late. The city is all set to colour the sky with a range of kites waiting to fly in the shiny sunny sky.

In this upcoming event, three international kiteflying teams will display around thirty different giant kites. These kites will remind you of your childhood experiences. Be a part of the International Kite Festival – 2012 as everybody doesn’t get an opportunity to attend such a magnificent event.

The festival offers a big platform where you can do a charity. The event has been specially organised to help the needy. With this kite festival, the city will donate a portion of contribution to a school that works for the welfare of children with special needs.

It is a fun event where your children can join the kite workshop as well as participate in other activities.

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Details of the Event

Venue: Dubai Outlet Mall
Date: 13th of January 2012
Show timing: 9:00am – 5:00pm
Address: Dubai Al Ain Road (Route 66)

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