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Tips to Survive Summer in Dubai

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Credit: Pxhere

A year-round holiday destination, the city of Dubai is literally vacationer’s paradise. Listed below are a few tips and tricks that will help you survive the summer months in Dubai better.

1. Dress Carefully

Clothes made up of natural fibres such as cotton or linen will help in keeping you cool by absorbing perspiration and also, choose light colours, they reflect sun rays.

2. Try the traditional Arabian Drinks

To get a refreshing respite from the scorching sun you can try on the tempting Arabian beverages like the Sobia, Karkade or the Jallab. These exotic drinks will not only help you remain hydrated but will give you energy too.

3. Say no to Coffee

You might get tempted to hang out in a chic coffee house with your friends on a hot summer afternoon; however coffee or tea can actually cause dehydration and make you feel uncomfortable.

4. Eat Cautiously

Having smaller meals regularly throughout the day will reduce your metabolic heat and make you feel cooler. Also, contrary to common belief having spicy food can actually cool down your system as it will make your body to perspire by increasing circulation.

5. Visit Indoor Attractions

Attractions like Dubai Dolphinarium, Ski Dubai, IMG World of Adventure, etc will keep you happily engaged for hours together. Visiting these places in the afternoon will keep you away from the heat outdoors.


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