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Summer in Dubai - Sun & Sand

Atlantis, The Palm, Dubai.
Atlantis, The Palm, Dubai. Credit: Unsplash / Carlos Lindner

Summer has arrived, and here is a chance to make the most of travelling to the Arabian Emirate of Dubai. It may be intense, but summer brings in bright blue skies and natural lighting to take all the perfect pictures for the 'Gram. If you are on the fence, read more and find out how to make the most of the summer season in Dubai, with lots of indoor and outdoor activities to keep you entertained! Enjoy!

Sunshine Tanning!

If tourists want that beautiful skin-kissed glow, then there is truly no place like Dubai to make it happen! Work on tanning your body and getting that Vitamin D dose by taking proper precautions. Keep tanning hours in the sunlight to a minimum, especially when the sun is high, and walk outside in parks & gardens or book a desert safari when it is closer to sunset hours to beat the scorching heat. Getting sunburnt is no fun!

Shopping in Dubai
Shopping in Dubai. Credit: Piqsels

Money can Buy you Nice Things!

The most important and engaging activity you can try is heading indoors to a shopping mall in Dubai. The summer season is famous for summer sales & back-to-school shopping among the kids! Grab your wallet and quickly spend an entire day wandering through the stores, window shopping and picking out a wish list of items you want to buy throughout the year. Splurge on luxury brands at the Dubai Mall & even beat the heat skiing in the desert city at Ski Dubai. Indoor activities, especially shopping and playing arcade games at the mall, are much more fun anytime during the day!

Sandy White Beaches!

Outdoor activities during the summer season in Dubai can be hazardous, primarily if you are not used to the Arabian heat. Always stay hydrated and carry water during trips to the beach or on the road. If you are with the kids, watch peak daytime temperatures an hour or two before and during the afternoon. Have fun by the water, but be wary of spending too much time outdoors and getting a sunstroke. In Dubai, it is always better to be safe than sorry! Book a flight and experience the summer season today!

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