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Best online casinos in Germany for Arab players

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Germany is a European country where online gambling is very popular, with a large number of gambling enthusiasts. But for a few years now, all these practices have been banned.

Unfortunately, Germany is not the place to be if you are into online gambling, as it is illegal in this European country, while in all its neighbors, online casinos are booming and gaining more and more followers.

But the good news is that the German online gambling market is not strictly monitored, which is why no player has been prosecuted. This gives hope for positive changes in the future, but nothing is certain!

Indeed, in 2008, the German states put in place a treaty nicknamed IGT, which translates as "Interstate Gambling Treaty", banning all online gambling.

Since then, this system has been relaxed, because in 2012, online lotteries and sports betting have been allowed, but as far as poker and online casinos are concerned, the ban remains in place.

German Gaming Law for Arab Players

The 16 federal states of Germany came together in 2020 to be able to legalize online gambling. A decision that was not taken lightly, however, since many restrictions were applied to the population, to control the activities and mainly everything that surrounds online poker. Since July 1, it is therefore possible to legally access the agent games on online casino platforms.

The Regional Council of Darmstadt, in the state of Hesse, is responsible for monitoring all activities related to online gambling. In order to operate in Germany, international companies must obtain their license from this body. The German authorities remain particularly attentive to all online casino activity.

Penalties are foreseen for all those who do not respect the precautions set out by the law. For any breach found, the platforms will be automatically deprived of their gaming license, or even added to a black list of online casinos. This black list has been set up for all those who do not respect the rules issued by the German authorities.

Protection of the Arab player is the priority

Today, gambling operators must pay close attention to the following regulations. First of all, sports betting is prohibited. Players are only allowed to bet on the final result of a sports match and on the next goal scorer. Secondly, slot machine operators are not allowed to offer slots with jackpots or auto-play.

On the other hand, players will not be able to deposit more than 1,000 euros at the online casino, nor will they be able to top up their account with more than 1,000 euros. Operators have a duty to keep this deposit limit under control. In addition, players will not be able to log into multiple accounts at the same time if they decide to have more than one account to circumvent the law.

In addition, each state has the ability to approve the use of online table games. And finally, television commercials from the various operators are prohibited between 6 a.m. and 9 p.m.

Therefore, if you are an Arab gambler and want to make sports bets or participate in various online games in German casinos, you should always keep in mind these legal provisions.

Best online casinos in Germany

Although gambling is prohibited in this European country, a good number of online casinos called "OffShore", which originate from other countries offer their services to Arab gambling enthusiasts.

And so far, as no online player has been prosecuted or punished by law for playing at online casinos. Arab players can also try online casinos in Germany, but always on a credible site, with a license for your safety.

To find the best online casino in Germany, it's very simple. You can search the Internet for all the gambling platforms, or you can read on the internet about online casino tests and online casino comparisons.

Likewise, discussion forums specialized in online casinos where some players will be able to inform you are also a good option for beginners Arab gamblers. But before you take the plunge, it's important to note that online gambling is considered illegal in Germany, although no prosecution has been established against an online gambler since the treaty was put into effect.

Just remember to use a VPN when connecting to a foreign online casino for added security and to play in peace without fear of threats of any kind. It is not a requirement in itself to use a VPN, but it remains the best option for players from countries outside Germany.

How to play on online casinos in Germany

German online casinos work in the same way as other online casinos. The same games that you are used to playing in land-based casinos are available in online ones; in addition to that, you will find new games made available to you. Just like in real life, you have to place a bet with real money in order to win.

There are two ways to access these games; the first is to install software on the computer without going through a browser in order to have a more stable connection. The other way is to play directly on the browser. Both ways depend on the site, some require software and others a simple connection via browser.

Then, you will have to register and provide your contact information, you have to record in your head the username and password, it is a means of connection to access your account, then, as a general rule, you have the choice between playing directly with real money or training first. It's up to you to choose which game you want to play.

We strongly recommend that beginners do not play with real money on their first attempt. This way, you will have the opportunity to practice before getting serious in your gambling journey.

Is gambling legal in Germany?

Gambling has always been a big hit with the Arab population. Although real online casinos have only recently been legalized, many Arab gamblers have long been engaged in underground activities in this regard. The situation that the world is facing in the last few years has of course accentuated this trend towards online gambling for all casino enthusiasts.

While Arab players have finally been able to get their way in the use of real online casino in Germany, they still have to deal with many restrictions. These are of course intended to regulate online gambling in order to avoid possible abuse and scams, and to prevent addictions that may arise from compulsive gamblers.

Don't worry about these restrictions, all you need to do is know how to access any online casino of your choice, protect yourself from the various risks.

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