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Red Bull King of the Rock

Basket Ball
Are you ready to rock this summer? Dubai is asking the same to everyone, if you are interested, then wait for Red Bull King of the Rock,one of the famous events started in the United States of America spreading its wings to different corners of the world.
Red Bull King of the Rock is a bit bigger this year with the top 64 streetballers from 25 different countries battling for the title of "King". It’s a fierce event with head-to-head competition where a streetballer will challenge another for bagging $ 20,000. It will be a fierce experience to watch cutthroat competition amongst contenders. Get ready to breathe in deeply as the event will recall all of your sports skill.

The event is highly competitive – it’s a win or go home situation. The rules and scoring will be the same as regular hoops, shots will either count as 2 or 3 points and five fouls is an automatic loss. The players will have to face four intense half-court games one after another. Each player has his own referee, court manager and scoreboard. All winners have to proceed  onto the next court to face another challenger. To battle for the title continuously,  Players must possess excellent stamina.

The final 3 participants in each qualifier will be chosen to play in the UAE finals. Depending on rules, Red Bull staff members can also pick other good players to participate in the finals on June 15th, 2012 at Al Jafliah Community 1/Satwa.

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Image Credit: Creative Commons/Fanacsp

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