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OpenSooq, The Best Website to Rent Apartments in UAE and Iraq

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Whether you’re looking for a modern chic apartment to move into with your family or you are a student, looking for a studio apartment; you will find the perfect solution at OpenSooq. The simplistic website layout allows you to surf for a variety of sizes and locations of apartments while allowing you to communicate directly with the landlord. Whether you want to have a chat via call or message, you have the choice at the ready; and by showing the availability status of the add poster, you can have instant communication without having to wait for responses. 

Renting on its own has several advantages including, no stressing about maintenance costs, taxes, and repair bills as well as more flexibility to move around places till you find the fit for you. Furthermore, it provides the opportunity to upscale or downscale without actually costing anything.

As for searching for an apartment to live in, it's an ideal living situation especially for extroverts and the more laid-back individuals. You’re situated right in the hub of things with departmental stores and public transport available, literally at your doorstep.

Moreover, living in an apartment comes with the benefits of living in a close-knit community, which means more security and surveillance that’s not your headache to manage, a more active social life, easily arranged play dates, and kids’ play areas at hand - which can be a godsend for parents of young children.

Why Choose OpenSooq to Rent Apartments?

In the world of technology, you run the constant risk of possible online scams, but when you choose OpenSooq as your go-to virtual marketplace, for literally any good or service underneath the sun you can think of, you need not worry. The rapidly expanding business enterprise of OpenSooq is a solid example of its ethical and thorough approach to vet the candidates optioning to operate as either buyers or sellers on the website.

Not to mention with its monthly views exceeding 1.5 billion you have the perfect platform with the most variety and competitive pricing to get as close as you can to your ideal requirement. Plus, you have the advantage of forgoing all the hefty prerequisites that come with finding the perfect apartment that fits the bill. Instead of running around all over the place, simply search for apartments for rent in Amman for instance, and get blown away by the diversity of options available while you stretch languidly in your cozy bedroom.

So, join OpenSooq’s platform today and become a part of the enlightened future.


OpenSooq, established in 2008, is a genuine example of the perfect up-and-comer. Since its debut, it has exceeded expectations and paved its way as a leader in the Middle Eastern region with the monthly views of its website reaching a staggering 2 billion per month.

OpenSooq is a revolutionary, classified ad website where you can search for something as mundane and inconsequential as a daily use accessory or a detergent or else, search for apartments for rent in Dubai for instance and get an array of results to pick and choose from. OpenSooq’s staggeringly impressive growth in a relatively short span of time is a testament to its ethical stance and an expert team, handling everything seamlessly behind the scenes, with the utmost professionalism.

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