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Tips for Finding a suitable Apartment in Dubai

Credit: Pixabay

Dubai is decidedly one of the fastest-growing economies in the UAE. It is also one of the best countries in terms of the quality of living. Finding an apartment in Dubai suiting all your specific needs and budget can be slightly difficult. Here are some tips on how to find the perfect apartment in Dubai.

  1. Set a budget

    Experts suggest that house rent should not exceed 20% of your monthly income, so set the budget before entering the market in search of the apartment.
  1. Search online listings

    Browse on the internet for the various apartments available,  Apply filters as your needs, shortlist and then approach the broker so you are not taken for a ride and less time is wasted.
  2. Stay close

    Try to get a house near your workplace as traffic in Dubai can be challenging in rush hours. If you do not have your own mode of transportation to the workplace then make then the availability of public transport nearby to the house is a must criteria for selection.
  3. Research the community

    Dubai is a cosmopolitan city. Hence one needs to really be specific about the type of culture preferred while residing.
  4. Consider your options

    Variety housing options are available in Dubai, villas, furnished/unfurnished/semi-furnished apartments, studio apartments whatever you need you can easily find. But beware of the hidden costs. And also remember that cost of options will differ according to the location you choose to live in.
  5. Check the parking

    Just like rush hour, parking can be a bit challenging in Dubai. Make sure the building features car parking, and if you are moving with your family and have more than one car, make sure those number of parking spaces are included in the contract.
  6. Check the agent

    The agent is responsible for handling the paperwork and the contracts. So before you sign with an agent make sure that the agent is registered with RERA (The Real Estate Regulatory Agency), as it is illegal to deal with unauthorized freelance agents in Dubai.
  7. Make sure to write the correct name!

    Agents will usually handle the paperwork but make sure you sign the checks in favour of the landlord, or whoever has the power of attorney. Check and double-check all the papers.
  8. Do not forget to register

    All rent/lease contracts in Dubai must be registered with Ejari, so do not rely on the contract issued by the agent. 
  9. Document everything

    All agreements with the landlord should be documented in a written form for future reference. It is also a good idea to document how the apartment looks when you move in with several photos.
  10. Know your rights

    Increase in rent must follow the rent index by RERA, which is updated regularly every three months. Also, all evictions have to have reasons under the law, according to RERA.


Very good information. Thanks for sharing.
Gary Puntman
I agree that you need to set your budget first. It's good to know that experts suggest not exceeding rent that is 20% of your income. I'll have to figure out what my budget should be. I'm trying to find an apartment to move into.
thanks for sharing this blog... Real Estate Broker in Dubai helped me in finding perfect apartments in Dubai.
Great tactics found to choose the right apartments, thanks for the helpful article
I really agree with all these tips, thank you this is very useful. It seems not only in Dubai but everywhere need some tips to find the right apartment for us. I always see from all sides and of course also at affordable prices.
Thank you for taking the time to publish this information very useful!
Manavolau Yabevula
This is absolutely useful. Thank you for sharing light on RERA and Ejari. Much appreciated.
Mahmoud AB
Thanks for your sharing! Must have a try! And I am expecting more from you.
Thanks for he blog about 12 tips finding perfect apartment dubai
Thanks for the awesome blog, it is very helpful.
Thank you it was such a informative blog got to know more information.

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