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Electronic Signature – a must-have for Your Company

electronic signature
Credit: Pexels/Polina Tankilevitch

Every day, hundreds of thousands of transactions are made by companies that work remotely. In contemporary reality, it is the fastest way to make a safe deal between two or more parties. To make it valid, each document needs an electronic signature – the tool that is quite essential if you run a thriving business where a lot of paperwork needs to be done within minutes. Here’s what you need to know about e-signature in Dubai.

Sign your documents electronically

Dubai’s authorities have implemented e-invoicing system that requires taxpayers to generate and store all tax documents electronically. Therefore, an electronic signature becomes more and more popular among companies over 50 employees. It allows working faster, easier, and what is the most important – remotely and internationally, which is quite common in the UAE.
The electronic signature is a digital version of a handwritten one created in accordance with UAE law and legally recognized in its cities. It is used for various company documents such as agreements, contracts, account opening, financial documents and personal transactions as well. The legal validity of the electronic signature is the same as its handwritten counterpart.

Where to start?

There is no easier way to use e-sign than through a dedicated web-based platform. Infinite IT Solutions is a company that specializes in the field, offering an instant electronic signature from your computer, smartphone or tablet – whenever you are. The main benefits are:

  • quick and secure transactions with a signature that is compliant with the UAE law
  • quick signing process
  • the process done remotely through the web platform – no more lost copies
  • savings – reduced printing and postal costs
  • faster business process implementation

The e-sign solution offered by Infinite is dedicated to companies that hire over 50 employees. Its intuitive platform has got a clear and convenient interface that enables to sign documents from your computer and mobile appliances, such as tablet or smartphone. What is more, you have all your documents in one place, stored safely and available from any location.

How does it work?

The e-signing process is very simple, so both parties can make a deal in a few minutes. An employee adds the document to the system, so it can be viewed and signed by the receiver. The other party receives an e-mail with a link that will be opened along with the password sent through an SMS. The receiver confirms that he familiarized himself with the document by clicking the sign button. In a while, both sides will receive a signed document with a certificate of conclusion. From now on, the document is available in the e-archive.

There are many sectors where electronic signature makes an everyday work easier and faster. It is commonly used in HR departments, customer service and sale sectors, as well as in companies dealing with car rental. If you are thinking of how to speed up your company’s daily routines, an electronic signature will surely come in handy for you and your employees.

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