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Is this the most expensive ice cream in the world?

When it comes to Dubai's definition of bling and extravagance, the sky's is the limit. It comes as no surprise that Dubai’s Scoopi Café has recently unveiled its latest invention: a scoop of ice cream costing a humongous Dhs3,000 or $817!
The Scoopi Café’s “Black Diamond” ice cream is a mix of exotic, high-priced ingredients garnished with a sprinkling of edible 23-carat gold. It is made from Madagascar vanilla ice cream and slices of black Italian truffle, topped with Iranian saffron. It is served in a Versace bowl and spoon, which the customer gets to keep.

Scoopi café’s owner Zubin Doshi says it took the café five weeks to perfect the recipe and import the unique ingredients from across the globe. The café also sells other humbly priced products such as sorbets, frozen yoghurts and speciality sundaes.

If you are counted as one of those with deep pockets and want to try this expensive dessert, visit the chocolatier and ice cream café on Al Wasl Road. Don't forget to also check our extensive list of restaurants and cafes where more exquisite desserts and delights of Dubai can be enjoyed at any time of the day.

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