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Culture in Dubai

Deep rooted inside the Islamic traditions that form the main constituent of UAE's lifestyle, the Culture in Dubai is diverse and rich. It is very much important for the foreign nationals to respect the tradition of the Emiratis when in UAE. Well-known as the entertainment hub of the Middle East, Dubai acts like a magnet for the party lovers who enjoy splurging inside the expensive clubs and bars of the city. Emiratis are quite popular for their warm hospitality who offers tempting refreshments to their guests.

When Arabs meet up, they take their own time and talk about general things. Men and Women do not greet each other outside their family. Men do shake hands and might even kiss each other on the cheek with their real good friends. On the other hand a woman tends to hug and kiss only her close friends.
Perhaps there are certain things that are to be kept in mind if you are invited in an Arab's house. It is advised to dress gracefully, to be punctual as far as possible, and greet the elders first in a way to respect them, remove your shoes before entering and bring something small as a way of thanking. Flowers are generally given for a woman by the woman guest. Giving alcohol has to be avoided as a gift unless it is accepted positively. Hosts commonly do not open the gifts in front of the visitors. If you are served the Arabian coffee and dates, be obliged to taste it and if you are invited for a meal then it is understood that it is time to socialize and have a small talk before the meal is served. Residents generally sit crossed legged or else kneel down on one knee when having their meal on the floor and eat with their right hand. Tourists are requested to try a bit of each delicacy served.
People normally dress up in their traditional clothes that make them the most comfortable. Men generally prefer the khandura or dishdasha, a long white shirt, along with the ghutra, white headdress, and the agal, a rope for the ghutra. Women wear the abaya, long black cloak, over their clothes and a hijab or sheyla, a scarf wrapped around face and head. Visitors are requested to dress sophisticated whilst traversing around the city. Men are requested to wear trousers and women to wear dress long enough to cover their knees. Visitors can wear clothes according to their wish when inside the hotel or at bar or club. Swim wear is accepted at the pool or beach. Alcohol consumption is allowed only inside the nightclubs, bars and some of the hotels. Locals can enjoy a drink inside their house as long as they possess an alcohol license given by the municipality. Residents or tourists are not allowed to consume alcohol on the streets or in public places.

When in Dubai visitors are requested not to exhibit Western culture habits on the streets wherein the foreign nationals may find it offensive. Tourists are asked for not to take photographs of airports, ports, government buildings and military installations. Before taking the snaps of the locals, especially women, tourists are requested to ask politely.

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