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Beauty Tips for this summer

dubai, summer, skin
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If you are planning to visit Dubai this summer, then be prepared to face the sweltering heat-wave with temperatures reaching around 45°C. Dubai hotels, cafes and malls offer their best efforts to make the customer comfortable by providing fully air-conditioned premises; however, the scorching heat awaits you during outdoor travel and sightseeing.
Always keep a sunscreen inside your handbag and if you are planning to work outdoors then it is advisable to apply it twice as the humidity and perspiration will diminish the effectiveness of the screen. Use Sunblock rather than sunscreen in a desert territory like Dubai, as it is stronger and offers protection from both UVA and UVB rays. Dermatologists recommend SPF 80 to SPF 100 for fairer skins whereas SPF 20 to 40 is adequate for children and dark-complexioned people. Also, don’t forget the three steps to clean skin - Cleanse, Tone, Moisturize.
This will help unclog the pores of your tired skin.  If you are planning to apply makeup then opt for some light translucent one that will prevent sweaty skin and allow it to breathe. Applying an SPF foundation before putting on the rest of your makeup would be ideal for your skin. Use of a proper lip gloss will prevent your lips from drying and will also make you look fresh. If you plan to visit a water park or are going to come in contact with water, try using waterproof mascara to avoid smudges around your eyes.

For your hair, use oil or leave-in conditioner before entering the swimming pool. Deep condition your hair at least once a week to prevent dry shaft hair caused due to chlorine-treated waters. Try applying some lemon juice and then combing your hair, this will give an attractive sun-streaked look by lightening out the strands when out in the sun. Avoid using a blow dryer as it will make your hair dry.

Apply an exfoliating scrub in the bath to keep your feet soft. Also, the application of a foot cream before going to bed helps revitalize your feet. Avoid wearing flip flops and sandals as they render your feet to the callous rays of the sun, thereby making your feet dark and hard.

Also, eating a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables will do wonders to your skin and body, and drinking a lot of water everyday radiates a natural healthy glow on your face.


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This is an amazing blog i have few suggestion for best sunscreen for face.

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