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Travelling to Dubai - Things You Need to Know

Terminal Dubai Airport International. Credit: Maxpixel

Dubai is an international traveller's paradise, with incredible sights and awe-inspiring natural wonders. The Emirati city is welcoming travellers back after a brief hiatus to restrain the spread of the coronavirus. While flying to the city anytime in near future, here are a few things that you need to know.

Airlines flying to Dubai

You will find numerous international flight schedules in operation to and from Dubai. Emirates Airlines has resumed operation, and Dubai International Airport has seen international departures and arrivals since July. Travellers will find more routes covered to multiple destinations.

Entering Dubai

Visitors who are 12 years and older need to undergo-and-present a negative COVID-19 PCR test that's taken within 96 hours of departure time. The test results need to be in either English or Arabic (in original, physical form). One must note that digital forms aren't accepted. The visitors with severe and moderate disabilities may be exempted from the test requirement, but please confirm with the officials prior to departure.

Arrival at Dubai and Quarantine requirements

There will be multiple health screenings to pass through immigration. Travellers visiting Dubai won't be expected to quarantine if they present recent clean test results.

Quick tips on arrival in Dubai:

  • Keep a negative RT PCR test handy (taken within 96 hours of departure time)
  • Expect to undergo health screenings at airports and some other ports of entry
  • Download and monitor the COVID-19 DXB app
  • Fill and submit the acknowledgement form to officials on arrival in the city

Preventative measures in the city

You will be required to don masks and gloves in public spaces. It is also wise to maintain apt social distancing in public areas, as violations can lead to hefty fines.

Empty beach near Burj al Arab
Empty beach near Burj al Arab. Credit: Pixabay

Things that are open in Dubai

Nearly all sectors in Dubai have opened. Among the attractions, there are private beaches, shopping malls, restaurants, cafes, museums, and a lot more. One must adhere to strict social distancing protocols at these spaces.

Make the most of your trip to the mesmerising city, and stay safe.


Thank you for sharing information
Nice post. It was well described thanks for sharing this information!
sania Khan
Dubai is my Dream Love always, Thanks for the info.
Fayaz Syed
Very nice article and thanks for the info. I'm a US permanent resident and applying for travel visa and got required flight itinerary from along with the visa application. Do we need any specific insurance plan because of Covid and which plan do you suggest so that I can include insurance document when submitting for visa.

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