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Top 5 Interesting Adventure Sports in Dubai

Dubai has a range of amazing and engaging attractions for enthusiastic travellers. For the visitors who wish to get into some thrilling adventures, this city has a host of numerous mind-blowing adventure sports which will surely give you a thrilling experience and a chance to explore the adventurous side of yours.
Given below are some exciting adventure sports in Dubai which are all set to give you fond memories of your travel.

Jet Skiing - A dash in the Dubai waters at the speed of 70kmph on a scooter can be exciting for every courageous soul! Although jet skiing is a restricted sport in Dubai, there are many beaches like Dubai Marina and Jumeirah beaches where this sport is permitted.  The cost for Jet Ski is different from outlet to outlet. However, the average cost will range around 300 AED for 30 minutes.

Bungee jumping - You cannot miss  Bungee jumping in Dubai. There are outlets of bungee jumping at many different locations in Dubai. One of them is Gravity Zone; it is a company which specialises in adventure sports like bungee jumping.  Also, there are places like Dubai Kartdrome in Motor City where you can get to experience bungee jumping.  Average price for Bungee jumping is around 340 AED.
Sandboarding - Dubai has this latest supersport on the list for you. It is a unique experience to plunge into the sand dunes of the Arabian Desert.  The activity takes place from the height of 1,000 feet, and you slide down the dunes similarly as you do from ice. This sport is open for all and gives an amazing thrill.

Shark Diving - Have you ever thought about diving in the waters  with sharks? This also can be done in Dubai!  Experience the thrill of diving with sharks in the Dubai Mall Aquarium. The Aquarium & Underwater Zoo is a 10-million-litre tank which is one of the largest suspended aquariums. It has the largest collection of Sand Tiger Sharks in the world. The activity is supervised by highly trained Dive Masters. This is bound to be a unique experience which should be encountered by adventurous travellers.
Fly board - This activity makes you surf, and swim underwater to enjoy the limitless possibilities. It gives you both; flying as well as swimming experience. This adventure activity is not held in deep waters so is a safe deal! The average price for the activity is around 300 AED per person for 30 minutes.

So, whenever you plan to make a visit Dubai, keep a place for these amazing adventures in your list of ‘things to do’.


Nice list of adventures. Jet Skiing perhaps is the easiest adventure of them all. I love Jet Skiing.
At Cozmo Yachts we also offer Jet Skiing with Yacht charter. So people can enjoy both yachting and Jet Skiing.

Amelia James
jet skiing is one of the most adventurous sport. Must Try

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