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6 can't miss experiences for any traveller in Dubai

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What's all the fuss about Dubai? It's got a lot going on! That's what.
Here are 6 experiences in Dubai you shouldn't miss and probably should rebook your summer vacation for.

1. Go skydiving

Dubai is best seen from the sky: so why not from 13,000 feet? Skydivers get an unbeatable view of the Palm Islands.

2. Go skiing?

That's right: Dubai has an indoor ski course. In the middle of a mall. So strap on your skis and put down the Versace bags!

3. Go desert camping

Dubai's main draw is its tourist facilities, however, if you're not a fan of crowds you're in luck. The desert surrounding the city is more or less on big campsite where you can go dune cruising, sand skiing, or just star gazing.

4. Go shark diving

In a 10-million liter aquarium, again, in the middle of a mall with 300 sharks. Yikes!

5. Go shopping. Really

Even if you're on a budget: window shopping here is a treat in and of itself. Dubai has the largest mall in the world with over 1,200 shops spread over 6 floors. You'll feel like you crossed the entire desert on foot.

6. Go mountain biking

It's scorching outside and there's no water. A hardcore mountain biking club called Hot Cog has carved out kilometers of hard-as-nails trails based, partially, on animal tracks. Up for the challenge?

Dubai is a city of superlatives, so if these don't pique your interest check out GetYourGuide’s "Ode to Dubai" to get inspired.

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