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3 Things to Turn your December in Dubai into a Winter Wonderland

Dubai is not the place you might expect to be covered in snow this December.  The temperature outside during this time is around 26°C / 79°F  on an average.

There has never been a snowfall here in the history of Dubai since its discovery, but it can't change the fact that the winter holidays are closing in on us. While you can't expect to see snowmen made of snow or pine trees being decorated around here, there are still several things you can try to get into the Christmas spirit.

Go skiing

Skiing is traditionally something you do in the winter and on mountain slopes. Not in Dubai, though, where Ski Dubai brings all the fun of sliding down the snow slopes right in the middle of the desert. Ski Dubai is the first indoor ski resort in the Middle East, complete with attractions like skiing, snowboarding, jumping a 10-foot ramp, the tube slides and rolling down the hill in a Giant Ball - all this at minus 4 degrees celsius. This Christmas, the Ski Dubai will be arranging a meeting with Santa accompanied by a cup of hot chocolate - that's what I call Christmas spirit!

Play Christmas games

Smartphones can help you get into the holiday spirit even if you are on the beach. There are a few games at the All Slots Australian online casino that can be especially helpful. One of them is Happy Holidays, a slot machine released by the All Slots last December. It has everything you might expect from a Christmas slot machine, with snowmen, sleigh rides, socks, Christmas trees, and children happily opening presents. If you want something on the cute side, you can give Santa Paws a try- it's a recent All Slots game about a polar cub seeking out the bearded chief of the North Pole. Santa's Wild Ride, in turn, takes a funnier approach to Christmas, with Santa riding a chopper called Blitzin', and having beer and sandwiches instead of cookies and milk.

Do something "local

Christmas traditions and habits are wonderful, but if you happen to be in Dubai during the winter holidays, why don't you celebrate it by doing things specific to where you are? The weather is pleasant here during December, though temperatures way over the average of Europe and the USA during this time. You can go out for a picnic in the park, can grab a nice meal on a terrace of your hotel, hire a boat and go sailing on the sea, or do any of the numerous things available around this time of the year. Enjoy one of the most dazzling fireworks in the world.

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