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Tips to shop at the gold souk in Dubai

Credit: Creative Commons/Joi
Credit: Creative Commons/Joi
The gold souk in Dubai is that dazzling place that can shame even the wealthy king Solomon. A traditional market in Dubai, the gold souk in Dubai is well-known for its relatively cheap and duty-free gold ornaments.
The sheer variety in the jewellery is enough for any girl to go mad about. But for getting the best price for your purchase one must know all the tricks and tips of the trade. Read on to know more about shopping in Dubai at souks.

1) Check the gold price
The International gold price fluctuates daily, so to get the best deal, first of all you must know the price of gold on that day. Also check the correct price for the type of gold that you are purchasing.
Credit: Creative Commons/
Credit: Creative Commons/
2) Know the gold
As mentioned earlier, knowing the type of gold that you want to purchase is very important. Make sure you know the carat of the jewellery that you are purchasing, whether it is 24K, 22K or 18K.

3) Look around
Yes, you have your heart set on a certain piece of jewellery at a store, but it is entirely possible that some other store has the same piece at a considerably lower price, so our advice is, it is always better to look around all the shops and then make the purchase.
Creative Commons/Theodore Scott
Creative Commons/Theodore Scott
4) Haggle
There is nothing shameful in haggling, instead you can say haggling is an art that very few can master. It’s ok if you don’t want to haggle in a Louis Vuitton or a Chanel store, but it is perfectly ok if you bargain at a souk. It is the best thing that can get us at least about 30% discount.

5) Stick to the store
Gold is sold in shops as well as by the street vendors, but stick to the shops as they are strictly monitored by the government and you are less likely to get swindled by them.

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