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The World - Dubai

The World - Dubai (GFDL / Imre Solt)
The World - Dubai (GFDL / Imre Solt)
The World Islands – Dubai is a set of artificial islands created by man to highlight his standard of luxury. A city that is distinctively different from any other in the world, due to its shape and the vision needed to imagine it.
The World Islands are unique because such kind of man made islands can nowhere be found in the world leading to a new rise and expansion in real estate developments. The islands have produced unmatched opportunities for real estate developers and visitors.

The World islands structure which looks hard to imagine, yet is believable because of the 4 major transportation hubs that optimize travel time to Dubai. These hubs are so well located and connected by series of waterways/channels that reaching the Jumeriah beach is a matter of minutes. Also it allows easy access to other islands within the whole city/world helping to organize traffic along the network.

These continents or islands are adaptable and dependent upon the investor who decides its use, size of his estate and configuration. They are divided into four major parts: Low density, Mid-High Density, Resort and Commerical according to their uses. The network and hubs provide the main source of travel through and towards the islands. Both small and large vessels can passage in smoothly connecting various islands, their owners and visitors.

The World Islands can become your permanent home or a family vacation getaway depending on your idea of luxury. These land parcels can be sculpted together to form continents or resort sanctuaries where hoteliers have the full freedom to design their own idea of a perfect luxury resort. Visitors or residencies can enjoy indulge in luxury facilties like boutiques, cafés, restaurants and shopping. All around year sunshine, blue waters and gentle winds flowing through your hair is an ideal thought of a home away from home.

A destination that has showcased that nothing is impossible. Imagination combined with ambition is the only way to achieve your dream – The World Islands.

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