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Stay Hydrated and Healthy During Ramadan

Jallab. Credit: Creative Commons

The most celebrated holy festival of Ramadan is here and Islamic population all over the world is busy celebrating it. This time the festival has come in the summer season which makes fasting even more difficult.

Let us check out some traditional Ramadan drinks that will keep you refreshed and hydrated throughout the day.

1. Jallab

The Jallab is a drink made with dates, grape molasses and rose water. The drink is traditionally made and is very popular in countries like Syria, Lebanon and Jordan.

2. Tamar Hindi

Tamar hindi is another cool refreshing drink that you can try during this period. It is prepared by soaking tamarinds in water and later shifting it. The drink is then sweetened and served chilled.

3. Sobia

This milky drink is popular in Egypt and some parts of Saudi Arabia where it is dyed red. It is particularly favoured by the kids due to its sweet flavour. Made with rice, milk, coconut powder and sugar it is one of the most fulfilling drinks that you can have after fasting all day.

4. Khoshaf

More like a fruit salad than a drink, the Khoshaf too is immensely popular. This delicacy consists of apricots, dried fruits, plums, figs, etc. all boiled together and sweetened. Khoshaf is also flavoured with rose water to heighten the experience.

5. Karkade

The Karkade is hibiscus tea consumed mostly in Sudan and Egypt. However, during Ramadan, it is enjoyed all over the world.


jallab and khosaf are very delicious drinks .thanks for written for them.
Hassim Adnan
Love these tips! I usually take cold shower since I have a hotchiller device that gives me cold water anytime.

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