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Social Etiquettes during Ramadan in Dubai

ramadan, dubai, people
Credit: Max Pixel
The Holy month of Ramadan is a joyous and religious period for the Muslim community all around the world. To blend in with the people and also to enjoy the festival, try some of the tips and suggestions that we have listed below, that might come in handy when you stay in Dubai during Ramadan.
1) If you happen to get an invitation for an Iftar meal at your friends or neighbour’s home, then remember it is polite to accept and participate in their festivities.

2) Take care while dressing, make sure you have dressed appropriately, and that means that your shoulders, arms, and knees should be covered. Also for women, it is better to avoid revealing or tight clothes while visiting someone or in public places.

3) Always use appropriate greetings like ‘Ramadan Mubarak’ or ‘Ramadan Kareem’, while meeting someone. You can also use these phrases in your official/business Emails too.
4) The office or shop timings get changed during the period of Ramadan while venturing out you should check the timings first to avoid disappointment.

5) Smoking, drinking or even eating in public during the day is prohibited. Do not indulge in such activities outside your homes, as it is considered a very serious offence.

6) Whatever be the situation keep calm and do not resort to offensive gestures or swearing. Inappropriate behaviour in public is not tolerated at any time in Dubai, but during the month of Ramadan take special care about your behaviour.

7) You can take part in charitable events that are held around the city, simple gestures like these are received well by all in the UAE.

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