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Planning Your Off-Season Trip Carefully

Dubai at night
Credit: Pixabay
Weather check: If you're travelling in the off-season make sure to check the weather - the main reason behind cheap hotel rates and airline fares. In warm weather countries like UAE, the off-season takes place during summer months, while in colder climates, lower prices come into effect during the winter.
For example, Dubai hotels and flights will fetch you rock bottom prices in July-August, but you'll not able to explore the outdoors in the blazing 50°C heat.  The best way to get around this problem is to visit Dubai during the 'shoulder season'. This is the period just before or after the off-season when you can get the discounted rates without getting particularly affected by the summer heat. You can visit Dubai in May or September when the heat is less but the discounts are still available.

Attractions may be closed: Do check the tourism office of Dubai in advance if some tourist attractions or venues are closed during the summer season or open only for fixed hours. This way, you can customize your itinerary accordingly.

Check for hotel renovations: Many hotels take up renovations and repairing during the off-peak season. It means, you'll pay a fraction of the cost, there will be fewer tourists but will also have the suffer the almost inevitable construction noise. So, try to book a room as much away from construction work and negotiate a lower room rate to make up for the inconvenience.

Events, Festivals may increase your travel costs:  Check beforehand for any events or festivals that coincide with your visit, as it may lead to an invasion of tourists. As the prices soar, you may inadvertently end up spending a lot more on your stay and food than expected.



Can you recommend on a holiday in Dubai for the first week in August 2017. My friends are saying it will be too hot but others are saying that it is still doable.

My biggest concern is that we wont be able to do anything that we want to, such as; sky diving over the palm, quads in the desert, swimming with dolphins?

Can you please advise me if it is a good time to go?



Dubai in August will be too hot!! You will have certain limitations since most of the outdoor activities during day time will be impossible. But you can enjoy some indoor activities such as Indoor Skydiving and some early morning outdoor activities. There are plenty of things to do in Dubai during summer too. Take a look at various Dubai Tours.

Hi. We would like to visit Dubai in end may. How would be the weather that time and would some of the attractions be open at that time. Please let us know.
@Kunjna It will be hot no doubt! However, the buses, hotels, taxis, shopping centers etc. all are air conditioned. Get all your outdoor activities stuff done early morning before 10am. Enjoy plenty of indoor activities, shopping etc. during daytime. You can go to the wild wadi, a huge water park, desert safari in the evening, hot air ballooning in early morning etc.. Good Luck and have fun!
Matthew Gerlach
I was planning on traveling to Dubai during the first week of September. Can you please tell me if this is a good time to visit and whether the nightlife is open during this time period?
Temperatures start dropping in September, but it will be hot with highs of 38°C. The summer season in Dubai lasts from May 18th until September 25th. But since hotels, malls, taxis all are air-conditioned, you can enjoy your stay in Dubai in the summer season. Good is to opt for early morning or evening tours, and during daytime plan some for indoor activities. Dubai is the city that never sleeps. Many malls, restaurants are open till late night. There are many places that are open 24 hours.
Hi, Do you recommend going to dubai in first week of february? which of the tourist places will be closed in that week? Please give me some to-do and not-to-dos also
Hi Sanket. February is a good time with an average temperature of roughly 25 °C. It doesn't rain as frequently, but you it can be foggy to clear on some days. You can carry a small umbrella during your walks to avoid getting wet. Sandstorms occur any time of the year, so it's best to check out the daily report before heading out for the day. Most of the tourist destinations are open from 10am onwards so you can check out the Burj Khalifa, Jumeirah Beach and the Wild Wadi resort among the countless malls in the city! Dubai tours are also ideal for off days when there isn't much rain.
Hi I was planning a vist to dubai on the first week of April? Is that bad timing?
Sir what cost for 96 days visa fee for Dubai for Indian.. Tourist visa..
Hi Ashish Do you want to say 96 hrs visa? because you cannot stay beyond 90 days in Dubai. Take a look at this page. You can enquire at the nearest UAE embassy as well.
Sarah Sheikh
My family will be in Abu Dhabi on new year's eve and kids are really excited as they are going to experience the ferrari world in Abu Dhabi
Simerjeet Singh
Hlo, I am planning to visit dubai in the mid of june. Is this a right time to visit? And do all d tourists places will be open in the month of June?
Jesusan Lanot
Hi,I’m a permanent resident in Australia with a Philippine passport and planning to visit Dubai I March 2020 with my son who Australian citizen.Should I need a visa to go there for 5days ?

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