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Celebrate Ramadan in Dubai


Summer is nearly round the corner in Dubai, and the locals are gearing up for the hottest time of the year. Besides the soaking up the summer heat and exploring the best water parks with your family, another reason to celebrate is to mark the beginning of Ramadan in this Arab city. If you aren’t familiar with this popular month-long festival, then read more to find out.

Ramadan is a month long holiday, celebrated as per the Islamic Calendar, where Muslims fast for long periods of the day, nearly over 13 hours and break the fast every day after sunset. This celebration has been announced to be taking place from mid-May to mid-June, ie. Tuesday, 15 May to Thursday, 14 June during the year of 2018.

The fast generally starts at sunrise, and ends with the sunset and occurs for a nearly a month, with the dates changing every year as per the solar and lunar calendar. At the end of the day, you can be in for a surprise as you find large gatherings of families and friends, all uniting to celebrate the end of the fast for the day, before a new beginning at dawn.

Generally, as a mark of respect for the people, most restaurants will not serve food and drinks in public spots during the day, though that changes with every establishment as per the local rules of Dubai. Some malls in Dubai cater to non-Muslims, tourists during Ramadan with food courts concealed from the view of passers-by.

Despite the strict conditions and rules during this month, don’t let it spoil your holiday atmosphere, as you can still enjoy the summer weather in Dubai experiencing the local Arabic culture and traditions.

Overnight desert sarafi, Dubai
Credit: Viator

Best is to book early morning or evening tours of the city while visiting Dubai during the summer season to enjoy a hassle-free experience, especially during the popular month of Ramadan.


Sethurajarao Murthy
Please let me know the dates of Ramadan month in 2018 so that I participate in prayers & fast.
Ramadan is predicted to be from Tuesday 15 May 2018 to Thursday 14 June 2018.
Mona mittal
Please let me know is there any restriction on wearing clothing style during ramadan?
@Mona, it would be polite and respectful to at least cover the tops of arms and not to wear shorts or short skirts.

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