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Governing your social behavior in Dubai

Tourists at The Dubai Mall
Tourists at The Dubai Mall
Dubai is predominantly a Muslim society but yet doesn't impose any stringent rules or regulations on its visitors with reference to personal lifestyle. Amongst all the Emirates in UAE, the laws in Dubai are the most flexible allowing complete freedom to a tourist / business expat in its city.

But as a guest in a foreign country, it becomes our duty that we govern our social behavior or act according to the customs prevailing in the said country. Compared to other Arabic/Muslim countries, women have the freedom to wear, say and roam according to their wishes. But certain limitations are to be self-imposed in the dressing style. At one point of time exposing skin was banned in public places like shopping malls or beaches. But with booming tourism, rules have been relaxed and women tourists can now enjoy wearing "western" clothing as long as it's not offensive. Bathing suits are okay at hotel pools and private beaches, but if possible refrain to one piece suits.

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