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Mena Countries’ Gaming Niche Reaches New Heights

Credit: Pixabay/Aidan Howe

The Middle East North Africa (MENA) region comprises three countries: Egypt, United Arab Emirates, and Saudi Arabia. It is known for its vibrant gaming culture, with many youths making up the gaming population. Consequently, the region has witnessed massive revenue streams over the years. For instance, in 2021, revenue generated from gaming was $1.76 billion. This amount is expected to double in 2025, where financial forecasts indicate that the revenue will reach the $3.14 billion mark. Currently, there are approximately 70 million gamers, but this figure might grow to around 86 million in 2025.

Growth Factors

The MENA region has quickly emerged as a potential market, especially for the video game industry. Saudi Arabia represents the Arabic-speaking nations with the highest revenue, while the UAE represents smaller Gulf states. Egypt is the largest and most competitive market among the MENA nations. The factors that lead to the expansion of this market include more investments by gaming companies in the region, a high population of prospective gamers joining the market, increased government support for esports, and higher spending by each user.

Online Casino Gaming in MENA Countries

For many years, the MENA region was considered a very conservative part of the world, with many aspects of life brought under government scrutiny. However, much has changed, and the government can now allow casino gaming which was forbidden in prior years. This region’s players can register accounts and play their favorite games.

However, before signing up at any online casino, be sure to verify its authenticity. Some of the main factors to consider include proper licensing, safety measures, and convenient banking options. Moreover, you can check out reputable reviews of your specific casino.

While online casino gaming is growing exponentially in the MENA region, only foreign-based operators can offer services. Middle East countries do not license casinos; hence players are urged to look out for safe casinos. Most operators acquire their licenses from other jurisdictions. The only risk is that players can fall for rogue casinos and suffer adverse negative effects of gambling.


The combination of online casino gaming and video gaming will definitely elevate the MENA region into a global powerhouse. These industries have already generated significant revenue, and the figures are anticipated to rise in the future. The countries in this region have begun to ease regulations, prompting more players to join the industry. The support of governments will also attract more investors to launch new games. Going forward, MENA countries should implement security measures, including licensing and regulation, to protect players and enhance responsible gambling.

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