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How Can Wearing a Mask Save Lives

face mask
Credit: Pixabay

Several precautionary measures are being done to prevent the spreading of COVID. Governments have issued nationwide lockdowns where citizens are needed to stay inside their homes for a period of time. Limiting contact by requiring barriers in stores is also done.

Aside from these ordinances, the spreading of the virus can be prevented by your personal actions. By always washing your hands and bringing sanitizers and alcohol with you when going out. You can also prevent the situation from getting worse by wearing a mask when you are in public places.

Wearing a mask saves lives because it prevents transmission, protects everyone, and lessens the severity of the infection.

Prevents Transmission

COVID is transmitted when an infected person coughs, sneezes, or speaks. They release droplets that can reach people and infect them with the virus too. Covering the mouth with a mask stops the spreading of droplets.

Even though you are not near people, wearing a mask still prevents transmission. Masks help in stopping droplets to reach items that can house the virus. COVID can also be transmitted when you touch contaminated surfaces and then touch your mouth, eyes, or nose.

A mask saves lives by not letting droplets from you spread to other people and surfaces. It also protects you from touching your mouth and nose so you would not be infected as well.

Protects Everyone

Since wearing a mask prevents transmission, it also protects everyone. Wearing a mask does not only save your life but the lives of the people you encounter as well.

A mask protects you from being infected by the virus because it covers your mouth and nose, two of the major openings where the virus can enter your body.

It makes you a responsible and caring citizen because you also lessen the chances of spreading the virus. It does not matter if you have COVID or not; wearing a mask protects the wearer and the people around them.

Less Severe Infection

Credit: Pixabay

Lastly, a mask saves lives because it lessens the severity of the infection. Masks are extremely helpful in stopping infections but there would be cases where a person could still be infected. However, the chances are slim, and if a person does get infected the level of severity would be mild or extremely low.

This is because of the protection the mask offers. It reduces your exposure to the virus and therefore, reduces the severity as well.

Masks are life-savers. Wearing a mask protects everyone, the wearer and the people around them, by lessening the transmission by covering the mouth and nose.

If everyone wears a mask, everyone increases the level of protection. It is true that wearing a mask is not equivalent to zero transmission but by wearing one you lessen the deaths and increase the chances of recovery because of the reduction of exposure and severity.

A simple task can create a huge impact such as saving lives. Do not forget that this action should be partnered with social distancing and regular disinfection to be truly effective.

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