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Try These Best Staycation Ideas At Home This Summer

Credit: Unsplash

The pandemic situation has disrupted lives in more than one way. Professionals are working from home, online shopping and curbside pickups are more common than ever and social outings are close to zero. And if you had long-distance holiday plans for the summer of 2020 in mind, there is no way you can travel. Even weekend trips are not a great idea from the safety perspective. Still, you should count your blessings because missing a vacation is a small price to pay for staying safe from the virus. Thankfully, you can consider a staycation to substitute a dream holiday. Here are some amazing ideas that promise a great time with a staycation.

Explore your favourite destination online

If you were planning to travel to an exotic destination on the other edge of the globe and had to cancel bookings because of the pandemic, don’t lose heart because you can still be there. Just go online and tour your favourite destination- amazingly, it can be as good as a real one! You can actually go sightseeing, see the markets and even get local recipes and try them at home to have a lifelike experience.

Pitch a tent in your garden or balcony

For nature lovers who love to spend time outdoors, a garden or balcony camping experience makes a great staycation idea. All you need to do is to get out your camping gear or borrow or rent stuff and have a wonderful time. Set a barbecue, hang up a hammock and have some outdoor lights in place and you can create the best camping ambience even at home. This is something that your kids would love to do. 

Try your luck with online lotteries

If your idea of this year’s vacation was Vegas, you can still try your luck at home with online lotteries. The best part is that you get the thrill of being there without spending a dollar on travel and hotels. You can actually feel the adrenaline rushing when you access PlayUSALotteries and explore the amazing range of gaming options there. And if you are lucky enough, you may end up winning a fortune. Could there be a better way of vacationing at home! 

Plan a treasure hunt at home

Another good idea to have an exciting staycation is planning a treasure hunt for your kids or partner. Wrap up goodies, prepare some notes with clues, and send them on an incredible experience right inside your home. Be creative while you think of places to hide the clues and you will surely have as much fun as others will. Don’t forget to have something surprising in the treasure chest! 

Go on a local hike

Now that the restrictions are being lifted, you can go outdoors while following the norms of social distancing. So if you have been yearning to be outdoors, going on a local hike is a good idea. Make sure that you choose a secluded trail where you wouldn’t meet many people. Take all the requisite precautions such as wearing a mask and gloves and using a hand sanitizer repeatedly.

So these are some cool staycation ideas that can make the summer of 2020 as memorable as any other year!

A gadget connoisseur, Anna has been providing her audience with updates on better technologies. She is currently employed with Outreach Monks as an assistant content writer.

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