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How about 'renting a car' in Dubai

Rent a car in Dubai
Rent a car in Dubai
Dubai is famous for its outstanding brilliance and exquisite elegance. At present, it is one of the most prominent business centers of the world. This seems from its ongoing progress and unbeaten prosperity.
The city has rich travel and tourism industries and by far reckoned as “an ecstasy on the earth”. It is such a well-known emirate that everyone wants to visit once in the lifetime.

Holidaying in Dubai is just like staying in an unexplored dreamland with inexpressible beauty, stunning chic and overwhelming architecture. If you have international driving license, it is a boon for you because you will get temporary driving license by just showing it to authorized service center. Save a lot by hiring a car from Dubai car rental companies at cheap rate and drive to various famous locations with your family, friends and relatives.

Depending on your budget, you can rent a car in Dubai, which may vary from economy saloons to luxury saloons. There are many online car rental services available on the internet. However, you will have to work smartly while choosing a car. At times, some of the companies will lure you with different types of discounts, which may confuse you. You must surf on the internet and go though various terms and conditions of a car rental company. You will come across different types of policies. However, there are some tips that you should strictly follow if you want to plan everything in rightful manners. Firstly, you should choose a car as per your necessities in fact you give preference to your and your family comfort.

Traveling experience in Dubai will be pinching if you do not have right knowledge of traffic rules. Since you will be new to the city, you can hire an instructor who knows the city well. Dubai police are very strict to drink and driving. Therefore, it is better to avoid drinking while driving. Almost all cars come with GPS navigator but you should keep a map for your safety. Furthermore, select a respected online car rental service so that you get a good deal. Traveling in Dubai is hassle free if you have preplanned everything.

For other purposes, you can also hire small buses, family carriers, four-wheel drives and commercial vehicles. Some hotels in Dubai can also arrange a best car rental deal for you.

So why not visit Dubai this year? You can also avail cheap flights to Dubai and stay in the best budget hotel in Dubai.


I am a frequent visitor to dubai and always rent a car during my stay. Very much agree with you that searching internet you can find best deals.

good information provide, thanks for this post.I am visiting dubai for first time.This information helps me a lot.

Hi i am visiting dubai for the second time, as you mentioned there are many online car rental companies available online and can easily book our desired car online,last time when i visited i booked my car from aroma rent a car,I loved their service and deals which they provided.

I have rented the car from United Car Rental multiple times over the last one year. Service has been great. However recently, I was extremely disappointed at the level of customer care that the company has provided me. I am agitated at the way their staff have dealt with me and my problem.
I rented a car over the weekend for 1 day with delivery and pickup. When returning the car, I requested the company to get the car collected a bit later – I had to drop by noon but they agreed for 2pm, although the terms and conditions that I signed said 30mins. I appreciated this relationship gesture. I was out of town and returning back to Dubai, so I called them and informed them that I will need more time. The rider came to pick up the car around 3pm. I was stuck in traffic so I called the rider to check if its all right to come by 4pm. He agreed.
The next day, company charged me one day extra. This is fine as the “terms” I signed only said 30mins. I called the office to explain the issue and requested that at least they should’ve informed me so that I could keep the car for one extra day rather than rushing through traffic. I also told them about the verbal agreements, which they disagreed with beyond 2 hours.
My problem is not the extra charge. My problem is as follows:
- The person (relatively senior) was extremely rude on the phone and told me if I wish to discontinue the rentals from UCR, that’s my decision and it doesn’t matter.
- The rider agreeing and company not informing me that I can keep the car for one extra day
- Repetition of the terms I signed – complete disregard of the verbal agreements.
I work in a service industry, and I know the value of customer service. I know that we do not celebrate when we lose a customer, but the individual I spoke to was particularly ecstatic about it.

Gilbert Hudson
Nice post, Thanks for sharing this valuable information. Excelrentacar is the best car rental company in Australia.
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Rick Daniels
Nice info shared, It is always recommended to hire a car while you visit in Dubai for vacation. I recently hired the car accessories as my car broke down on my way to office so I hired few parts till I can visit the service station.
Rental24h Dubai
Thanks for helpful article, we just came back from this amazing city! I travelled with my family, and we used this site to rent a car. We compared all deals and chose hertz (best price/quality). Next time want to visit this place with friend, rent something like lamborghini and have fun) Have good trips guys)
Ashley Rose
If you are in Dubai just for hangout or on business trip rent a car is always better options as compared to local transportation or taxi. there are so many rent a car companies in Dubai which are provides best cars on rent my experience with Car Rental Services was great. if any one looking for car on rent can try.
Comfort Carz
Its a very informative. This blog helps travelers in Dubai plans to renting a Car. Thanks
My first trip to Dubai was not without a car rental. My friend advised me to use it. I took advantage of their services. And I can recommend it. Maybe someone will be my useful information. I am glad to help!
Best blog that i have read yet and gives good information to all traveller and new visitors.
nice work, keep up the good work. good job
Sana Haris
Best Post thanks for sharing this information I really like your posts.

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