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Hope for Parents - Nurseries in Dubai Receive a Red Signal from Education Ministry

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The ever-declining education standards of nurseries in Dubai have created the much-expected tension amongst parents. Lately, many nurseries have been reported to be running without a proper teacher, while some even witness the absence of teachers from nursery schools.
Already, the current government investment for early childhood education is barely noticeable according to an official report from the education department. The low government expenditures and low funds for public school nurseries is the primary cause of poor educational standards. The teachers in public nurseries are underpaid, which is why there is a lack of motivation and a good standard of nurseries in Dubai.

Brief Introduction: Why are Nurseries in the Emirates Performing Poorly?
The prime reason for the poor performance of nurseries is due to insufficient government funding for early childhood education and care. Another factor that is the lack of licensed nurseries in the Emirates. According to a recent study, only 10% of kindergarten schools get government funding, while only 82 nurseries were said licensed during the time period of 2009-10 which has risen to more than 300 licensed nurseries in 2014 in the country.

The condition of the nurseries is very alarming. Parents want to provide the best education to their children and are dependent only on the so-called education imparting institutes to bring the best in their child. The poor quality and education standards are also to be blamed partially on teachers who are not qualified enough to educate children. Along with that, poor funding doesn’t allow public nurseries to provide the best facilities and learning inducing environment for children.

The Teacher Trust Dilemma
Many nursery school managers also find it difficult to locate nursery educators who have Arabic speaking skills along with good English speaking skills. Since Arabic is their national language in the Emirates, parents emphasize to find teachers who are proficient at Arabic. However, quality Emirati teachers are hard to find which is why most parents want to choose nurseries that employ non-national Montessori educators.

Actions from the Education Ministry in the Emirates
Fortunately, all hope is not lost. The government education officials have given warnings to nurseries to improve their quality and education standards to facilitate children, not only care for them but teach them too. With that sudden warning to public and private sector nurseries, many nurseries are expected to file a license agreement in the near future.

With changes in laws regarding child care and early childhood education, parents have some hope and expect things to turn bright for their children. The education ministry is in the process of taking major actions such as updating codes and adding new rules regarding child care and nursery education standards to provide a high-quality education that meets international standards.

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