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Honeymoon in Dubai

couple on a beach
Credit: Pixabay
If you are seeking pleasure and gratification along with some excellent shopping options and tempting delicacies with enjoyable beverages at different bars and to tap your feet on the dance floor then Dubai is the best option for your Honeymoon!

A romantic and diverse cultured city in the desert and on the coast of the Gulf of Oman, Dubai is a place with different souks and malls, luxurious hotels just waiting for the honeymoon couples. A memorable honeymoon can be truly revered in between October and April when the city’s hot sun is dwindling itself off.

Things to do:
A beach holiday with a different tone, honeymoon in Dubai is an experience pampered by desert safaris, all day long excursions, shopping and relaxing.

City Tour: Just tour around the city to experience the rich and modern living of Dubai. Jumeirah Mosque, Zabeel Park, Sheik Palace, Dubai Museum, Dubai Zoo, The Palm Island, Deira Towers and the Jumeirah Beach are a few of the most favoured attractions of the city.

Desert Safari: Experience a thrilling drive at the golden sand dunes of the city. The mounds truly give you a rollercoaster ride while the car moves up and down the sand dunes. Enjoy the camel ride, belly dancer’s performances, wear Arabic dresses and henna tattoo.

Dhow Cruise: The cruises endowed with the traditional Arabic culture that delivers one of the best tours of Dubai. A three-five hour cruise takes you into a different world with fine dining on board, the cruise can be a memorable time of your honeymoon tour. A few of the cruises also offer a day-long tour.

Shopping: With a lot of offers at malls, bargaining at souks and duty-free shopping options shopping is something that one just cannot refrain from when in Dubai! 

Other Activities: There are lots of other activities that the newlywed can enjoy other than cruising, exploring or shopping. The couple can spend time fishing, scuba diving, bungee jumping, paragliding, Go Karting, Skiing, ice skating, Wadi bashing, playing golf, attending different cultural events and festivals or else relax and rejuvenate at the different spas and massage treatment rooms nestled inside the hotels and resorts.

Dubai Creek: Dubai Creek is a place near the water redolent of the ancient Arabian Ports and offers a stunning view of the skyline along with some excellent shopping options nearby.

Wild Wadi Water Park: Adorned with thrilling rides, a day spent at the Wild Wadi Water Park is worth a memory. If you are someone who cannot enjoy the elating rides then you can spend your time just relaxing near the river.

Historic Bastakiya district: Couples can just stroll around the Bastakiya district. 

Beaches: There are a lot of silent, cosy, clean and not crowded beaches pampered by the affectionate blue seas of the Arabian Gulf. Newlyweds can play different water sports or lay down lazily sunbathing on the coast.

Heritage and Diving Village: Nested adjacent to the aperture of the Dubai Creek, Heritage and Diving Village is the place wherein you can revere into the luxurious heritage of the city. All kinds of artefacts and crafts made by different craftsmen are displayed here.

Jumeirah Mosque: Jumeirah Mosque is one of the biggest and the most elegantly designed Mosque that sets an example of contemporary Islamic architecture. Visit after sunset to see the marvellous looks of the building.



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