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The Enchanting Butterfly Garden in Dubai

Dubai Butterfly Garden
Credit: Dubai Butterfly Garden

Dubai is an Arabic treasure trove where you will find the best things from all over the world. This time the city has introduced one of the finest butterfly parks in the world which is home to 15,000 butterflies of a variety of different species.

The Butterfly garden is situated in the Dubailand Area, beside the Dubai Miracle Garden and also hosts an insect museum. The garden covers an area of 1,800 square meters and can host about 300 people in its premise of nine domes. Also, in order to provide the insects and butterflies with a favourable environment, the domes are made to be climate-controlled.

Apart from the garden this place also has a butterfly flower park with millions of flowers and also a butterfly museum which is a wonderful place full of colours and exotic fragrance. This park gives numerous opportunities for the photography enthusiasts. The city authorities are aiming to make Dubai Miracle Garden the largest natural flower garden in the world and the Butterfly garden is a part of its complex.

The Butterfly garden is open throughout the year from 9 am to 6 pm, and is one of the best places that can be equally enjoyed by everybody. Visit the Butterfly Garden on your next trip to Dubai and get to experience something ethereal and romantic.  


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