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Dubai’s Most Popular Spots for Surfing

Credit: Pixabay

How about a travel-and-surf vacation in the warm waters of Dubai? Surfers will fall in love with the Emirate's ideal surfing conditions. Get your surfboards ready to experience an unforgettable experience riding the waves at the most popular surfing spots in Dubai.

Surfing in Dubai is seasonal, the season starts from October-April with the best and most consistent months being December-February. The water temperature ranges between 25-30 degrees Celsius at the start and end of the season so its ideal for catching the best waves. Even then, make sure to check the surfing conditions when you plan your surf-vacation.

Sunset Beach

Start your surf-break with one of the busiest beaches, located in the heart of Jumeirah - Sunset Beach is a swell surfing spot. You can enjoy the iconic Burj Al Arab as a backdrop. And whether you are a newbie surfer or a ripper, you will have lots of fun surfing around. The beach may be packed with board-riders and surfers, so you can expect the surfing spot to be crowded.

North Beach

As you head towards Sharjah, you can stop at another popular surfing spot - North Beach. The Beach is a small sandy beach with plenty of tourists and beach-goers, paddle boarders, kite surfers who frequent here.  The cross-onshore winds make it a perfect spot to enjoy the sport and the waves.

Tim's Reef

Snorkeling Trip Fujairah
Credit: Viator

Surfers will also love Fujairah - one of the best surf stops in Dubai. Located on UAE’s east side, and facing the Indian Ocean it is an ideal surfing spot. The summer months are known to extend reasonable surfing conditions. As it’s an hour’s drive from Dubai, you may prefer to check the surfing conditions first and then plan your surf-break.

Surf Sharjah & Surf Ajman

If you are looking for a quieter surfing spot, then Sharjah beaches & Ajman beaches would be quite ideal. The sandy beaches can be very rewarding, and you can enjoy the waves and surfing opportunities.


when can we surf in Dubai I do not get or see where are the locations? Dubai?Sharjah? where? support team
@Irene, Dubai's most famous surf beach is 'Sunset Beach', located next to Burj Al Arab. Kite Beach is also popular with budding surfers.

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