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Dubai nightclubs and bars

Dubai is one of the seven emirates of UAE and popular destinations amongst the tourists. The charming Dubai city reflects the fascinating blend of the adventures, culture, and traditions of Arab life along with all modern facilities of a cosmopolitan lifestyle.
Dubai bar and restaurant,UAE
Dubai bar and restaurant,UAE
Dubai nightlife is considered to be the most lively and diverse in UAE. When the sun sets, Dubai starts showing its second wind. Whatever your liking, just sit at the bar and relax with a glass beer, listen to live music or watch your favorite sport on a large TV screen.

Some luxury hotels offer jazz clubs and piano bars but if you want to enjoy the real nightlife of Dubai you must visit the nightclubs which are located inside the hotels.
DJ Spinning the tracks
DJ in a Dubai nightclub
Many bar and clubs are overcrowded on Thursdays and Saturdays and are open up to 2.00 am in the night. Alcohol is forbidden in Arab countries but not in Dubai. But one has to be careful about behavior after consuming alcohol as the laws are equally strict. Officially only non-Muslims are allowed to consume alcohol and the minimum age for getting a license to have alcohol is 21. To enjoy nightlife in Dubai, you must be 25 or over.
Many clubs also offer "Happy Hours" which is normally up to 19.00 in the evening. Tuesday and Sunday in many of these bars they call it as "Ladies Night", wherein the females are offered a limited amount of free drinks.
Now-a-days more and more world renowned DJ's across the globe are visiting Dubai to give a performance.
Just like Dubai being famous as the best destination in the Middle East for shopping, it has also gained a name as the best place for enjoying night life, as the rules here related to alcohol and clubs are much lenient visa vis the other Arab countries.

Some of the most popular bars and night clubs in Dubai are:- Kasbaa Royal Mirage Hotel, The Irish Village, Carter's Cafe Bar, Hard Rock Cafe, Buddha Bar, Alamo Bar, Fairmont Cigar Bar, Oxygen Club, Tangerine Club, Triology, Charlie Parrot's at Oasis Beach.

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John Smith
Interesting article! Some handy info that will help me late on when I travel. I also recently experienced the London nightlife. I had the chance of visiting Cirque Le Soir nightclub and it was the most amazing night for me. Highly recommended.

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