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Dubai Going Green

greenery in Dubai
Credit: WN / Smita

The other side of Dubai being the most luxurious city is that it also is one of those highest per capita electricity consumption in the world. Being aware of global warming, Dubai city displays its concern about minimizing the consumption of conventional energy, by focusing on measures such as switching over to renewable energy. Trying to ride the "become green" wave, Dubai is poised to go green. The green areas in the city will increase, says Dubai government. Parks in the city will soon have lights that run on solar power.

Some of the many projects in the city directed towards sustainable development are:

Big Solar Plant
The emirate focuses on reducing energy imports and carbon dioxide emissions by 30 % by 2030. Dubai's own solar power and nuclear power imported from neighbouring emirate Abu Dhabi will help reduce its reliance on gas.

Gas-powered Cars
The Dubai Municipality is working closely with Emirates Gas to achieve the conversion of all its cars from petrol to gas. It has successfully converted its five cars till date and striving to convert its all 1000 cars to run on CNG.

Dubai Metro Green Line
Dubai's other project which targets energy efficiency is Metro Green Line which spans 23 kilometres and covers 16 stations including the transfer stations Union and Khalid Bin Al Waleed Stations.

While the global city, Dubai, aspires high to reduce the energy consumption, it also quotes that the cities of the 21st century must progress taking into consideration the usage of energy, and act as forces for national and global development.

Image Credit: Creative Commons/Shahram Sharif

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