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Bargains in Dubai

Dubai has got excellent shopping facilities for the ones who love to shop all day long. With superb tax-free prices and bargaining options, markets in Dubai have become quite popular among the tourists. There are a lot of shopping malls and souks spread across the city. Also, a wide range of goods are on sale during the annual Dubai Shopping Festival.
Inexpensive shopping can be enjoyed inside the souks and malls and Duty Free Shopping can be revered at the Dubai International Airport. Deira Tower Shopping Mall is quite popular for showcasing almost all the items at a low cost. Hop into the Dubai International Airport, Al Ghurair Centre, Al Dhiyafa Road, Al Sabkha Souk and the other souks to enjoy bargaining.

Dubai International Airport

Filled in with a lot of duty free shops showcasing items at a low cost, the Dubai International Airport is perfect for some window shopping or strolling around, thereby helping you in your bargaining deal. Also, there are a lot of health spas, sports facilities and a five star hotel inside.

Address: P.O. Box 2525, Dubai, UAE
Tel. No:
+971 4 216 2525
+971 4 224 4067
Al Ghurair Centre

Dubai’s first shopping centre, Al Ghurair Centre offers a wide array of international products ranging from designer goods, hardware, electronics, accessories, toys and other confectionaries. Prices are reasonable for the shoppers who want to splurge out money and day on their shopping.

Addres: P.O Box: 6999, Dubai, UAE
Tel. No:
+971 4 222 5222

Al Dhiyafa Road

If you are tired to go from one shop to the other to get a better offer then Al Dhiyafa Road is the best option for you. The place is completely lined up with designer boutiques, clubs, restaurants and cafes that allow you to stroll round the street checking out the items showcased and to sit in one of the cafes or restaurants when you are done.
Al Sabkha Souk

Al Sabkha Souk is the hub for electronic jumbles that are reliable and inexpensive. Be it electronic components or accessories, or items like telephone, mobile, iPods, video gaming machines and computers, Al Sabhka is the place wherein you will find every electronic item on your list. This place also offers repairs of all the items at a low-cost. Also, you can enjoy bargaining with the stall or shop owners for upgrade or trade-ins of your items.

Address: Al Sabkha Street, Dubai, UAE

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