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Arab Health Spring: The Need to Curtail Costs

‘A healthy mind and soul can conquer the world', is a very true saying. Because of changing lifestyle, people have become a lot more careful about their health. It’s better to stay fit than to suffer from any disease. As a result of increasing awareness, the healthcare industry has got a mass reorganisation.
Health awareness is a must and it should be taught to everyone. One should learn something from the USA, which spends 17-19% of its GDP on healthcare. However, the countries in the OECD spend 8-9% while the GCC spends 3-4%. Other counties can solve lots of medical disorders by introducing the government-sponsored Medicaid and Medicare payment systems just like the USA.

One big barrier is more diseases with dwindling resources. Because of the escalating population, it might be a challenge to treat more people, but a small difference can bring plenty of changes. Dr. Mussaad Al-Razouki  CEO at Kleos Healthcare Corporation in Kuwait said he will participate in a plenary session to discuss how higher healthcare costs in the Middle East will affect patient visits to clinics at the upcoming Leaders in Health Conference in Dubai.

The Arab Health Spring is an event of great importance as it will lay the foundation for increasing awareness about healthcare. With this conference, the Middle East governments are aiming to enhance public welfare and quality medication. The Kuwait Ministry of Health declared a record budget of US$4 billion for FY 2012-13 while the total Saudi healthcare budget jumped to about US$21.3 billion including government and private investment.

Saudi has planned to introduce a computerized physician order entry (CPOE), which will print out the total costs related to the medication. Hospital Build & Infrastructure Middle East is a huge platform in bringing together investors, commissioners, bankers, and managers of healthcare-related building projects along with key players in planning, design, construction, operations, management, supply, and refurbishment.

The 2012 event will be hosted on 5,000sqm of floor space with more than 130 exhibitors, and approximately 4,500 visitors, as well as over 600 conference delegates, are expected.

Many healthcare topics will be discussed in the conference taking place during the 4th Hospital Build & Infrastructure Middle East Exhibition & Congress from 4-6 June 2012 at the Dubai International Convention & Exhibition Centre.

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