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Alexander V Berenstain's Project Ideas to Contribute to Biodiversity

Dubai. Credit: Pixabay/randersen

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Biodiversity is the world of nature in which we live comprised of various kinds of organisms like animals, plants, microorganisms, and insects in this specific geographical environment. All of these organisms together help to build a healthy ecosystem and a wealthy planet.

Everyone needs to know about biodiversity as everybody's lives are interconnected and human being needs, culture, beliefs, and other influences surround and depend on the ecosystem. If these things are balanced, thus the relationship of biodiversity with the ecosystem, various species of organisms, land, and other geographical areas will be enhanced, and pave the way for the planet's well-being. Likewise, trying to secure ecological future of their island, Dominica’s government implemented set of initiatives to promote “eco” way, eco-tourism and increase awareness. One of such approved initiatives is construction the Sanctuary Rainforest Eco Resort and Spa project with the goal to boost ecotourism even more and show people that you can enjoy eco-tourism without sacrificing luxury. Investors from all over the world can invest in the preferred share and support this initiative.


The resort project is being developed by Vital Developers Limited and they hired Alexander V Berenstain, the general manager of Creative Projects Management LLC-FZ to assist with the project. By being government approved project, developer must follow regulations to the “t”, so, it is strictly prohibited to accept investment in any form of cryptocurrency.


Importance of biodiversity

Biodiversity is much more important as it pretends to be a thermometer to measure the degree of health of the planet. Without the wide range of animal species, living organisms like microorganisms gigantic beings, and plants, we can't survive on this planet. In this interconnected environment, every organism depends on others for their living, for example, bacteria and algae too contribute to the environment.

Every living thing on this planet contributes to the environment's health and resilience. In a circle, plants perform photosynthesis and provide oxygen, various insects perform pollination and fertilization of plants and flowers, omnivores or predators help to keep the herbivores in control, and so on, as everyone performs their actions in routine to maintain a healthy planet.

Biodiversity mainly provides a vast number of benefits to humans. Preserving the wealth of the planet will provide humans with nutritious food, herbs, plants of medicinal values, and other vital resources for living in a continuous supply. In other ways, they also help to increase pollination which provides massive yields of fruits and vegetables for the farmers and supports them economically as well. Pure water, fresh air, climatic regulation, prevention of flood, and good health are essential things the healthy environment offers us.

Practices to preserve biodiversity

There are various we can follow in our daily routines to maintain a sustainable environment, reducing pollution through plastic and other non-degradable wastes, stopping deforestation, and forming a new preserved environment to enhance and prevent their beauty and natural resources, like national and regional park and conserving them, promoting the use of sustainable and eco-friendly materials, encouraging organic farming, and being living in a sustainable environment.

Dubai's Commitment to Biodiversity

Dubai's commitment to biodiversity is evident through various initiatives aimed at preserving its natural heritage. The city has implemented conservation projects to protect its unique flora and fauna, including mangroves, desert ecosystems, and marine life along its coastlines.

Sustainable Development in Dubai

Dubai is increasingly embracing sustainable development practices, including eco-friendly tourism ventures like the Desert Conservation Reserve and Dubai Sustainable City. These initiatives focus on preserving biodiversity while promoting responsible tourism and development.

Dubai's Role in Climate Change Mitigation

As a global hub, Dubai is actively participating in efforts to mitigate climate change. The city has invested in renewable energy projects and green infrastructure to reduce its carbon footprint and combat the adverse effects of climate change on biodiversity.

Urban Biodiversity Conservation in Dubai

Despite being a rapidly growing urban center, Dubai prioritizes biodiversity conservation within its urban landscape. Green spaces, parks, and wildlife sanctuaries are integrated into the city's design to provide habitats for native species and promote biodiversity within urban environments.

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