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Where to Find Sweet Pastries in Dubai


Whether you’ve had a long day walking around the shopping malls in Dubai or you’ve had a hectic day at work, nothing beats the sweet smell of freshly baked goodies to take your stress away! While you can visit a restaurant or their popular desserts, there are also premium pastry shops that prepare and deliver fresh pastries according to your diet preferences. Here’s our recommended list of 5 bakery shops to find the best sweet treats in Dubai!

Birch Bakery

If you check out Birch Bakery, you'll find beautiful satisfying fluffy breads, fresh hot sandwiches and goodies like cinnamon rolls and bagels that are too tempting to ignore. Moderately priced with a wide range of food choices, this bakery should be on your must-visit list.

Bread Ahead

Credit: Sergio Arze/Unsplash

In your search for beautiful bakeries in Dubai, you might have seen Bread Ahead with their tantalising food pictures on the Gram. From freshly fried doughnuts to piping hot sourdough pizzas, this is the place to be for all food enthusiasts. Enjoy some coffee with a bagel sandwich or a fresh croissant for the best brunch ever!

La Maison Atelier Sucré

In the mood for some Belgian waffles? Head over to the La Maison Atelier Sucré, for Belgian cuisine that will satisfy all your sugar cravings. Aesthetic decor, pretty packaging and freshly cooked treats will make sure this gift is perfect to enjoy on a long, stressful day. We recommend ordering the fruit waffles for a healthy dish.

Magnolia Bakery

Tasty, crafty and very very pleasing to look at; all of Magnolia Bakery's goodies are a sight to see. You can order fresh brownies and cupcakes and have them delivered straight to your doorstep. The best part is, you have the choice to enjoy some cakes and cookies as well. Ditch the diet and don't count your calories!

Bageri Form

Hip, happening and a home-grown bakery, Bageri Form is one of Dubai's most popular bakeries in the Design District. If you love your savoury baked goods, this shop has all you could want; including bagels, brioche and even German rye bread. You can also order banana bread or honey cake if you have a sweet tooth.


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