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Top 5 Work-Friendly Cafes in Dubai

Credit: Engin Akyurt/Pixabay

There’s nothing more boring than working from home, sitting at the same table in the same room. You might spice it up by working from bed or on the couch, but we’ve got something better for you. Check out how you can boost your productivity and change the work environment without heading to the office. All you need is to visit Dubai’s beautiful work-friendly cafes! The food & the coffee is even better than most local restaurants!

Tom & Serg

From a former warehouse to a beautiful bustling cafe, Tom & Serg is your best bet especially if you want to enjoy working with friends. This artisan cafe is not just for coffee lovers. Enjoy the electric atmosphere while others like yourself work and soak in the natural views. Ditch the office cubicles and spend time working from cafes!

Apricot Dubai

We don't know about you, but we sure do love some aesthetic spots to work from when we're outside the home. From freshly baked goodies to well-brewed coffee and healthy Mediterranean cuisine, this spot has it all when you want to be your best productive self. Get the job done and make sure to share some stories for the 'Gram!

The Cycle Bistro

For the health-conscious workers who are looking to get their 9-5 work done without sacrificing healthy meals and a delicious diet, make sure you check out the Cycle Bistro in Dubai in one of the two branches located in Motor city or Jumeirah. The cafe has seasonal menu options that change every 90 days, and the best part is it is Paleo-friendly! If you're looking for a work-friendly spot with great food and coffee, this is it!

If the long workdays leave you feeling exhausted, why not inject some excitement into your weekends with adventure sports such as parasailing or dune bashing?

A4 Space

Working Space
Credit: Caleb Minear/Unsplash

What better way to enjoy a work-friendly environment, than with a good cup of coffee, some delicious food, strong wifi and a nice library to catch up on your reading? The A4 Space in Dubai ticks off all these boxes! Free to work from when you buy a coffee or a sandwich, the friendly staff and the cosy vibe make sure you stay productive and get work done as soon as possible!

Bikers Cafe

As the name suggests, Bikers Cafe is good for anyone who loves motorcycle-themed decor. Besides the variety in seating options, here you will find amazing fresh brewed coffee, perfect for those long days staring at the screen watching live F1 and Moto. We recommend checking out this spot when you're working with a team or even with friends. Chat away and get the job done!

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