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7 star hotels in Dubai

GFDL / Schtove
GFDL / Schtove
Planning a trip to Dubai? Want to stay in a seven star hotel? Well, you have only one choice , ‘The Burj Al Arab’ literally translated means ‘the tower of the Arabs’ and is located on Dubai’s Jumeirah beach, 25 kilometers from the Dubai International Airport.
The official rating of the hotel is a 5 star hotel but it is widely referred to as a seven star hotel. The hotel itself does not use this term in their advertisements and states that it was coined by a British journalist when on a pre-opening press trip. Still, the rating has stuck ever since.

The ‘Burj Al Arab’ rises out of the sea in the shape of a billowed sail along the Dubai coastline and is quite a sight to behold. At a height of 321m it becomes the fourth tallest building in the world. It is constructed on an artificial island and is connected to the mainland by a slender curving causeway. This structure has become an iconic and significant symbol associated with Dubai. Several engineering feats were achieved in the construction of ‘Burj Al Arab’.

The hotel boasts of being furnished with original 22 carat gold leaf. The  restaurant 'Al Muhanta'  translated in Arabic as ‘the highest’ or ‘the ultimate’ is located at a height of 200 meters from the Persian Gulf. The ‘Al Mahara’ which means ‘Oyster’ is an underwater themed restaurant. The dining area is surrounded by a huge aquarium. The entry to the restaurant is through a simulated submarine which takes about 3 minutes.

Hotel features include signature restaurants, world class meeting rooms and banquet venues, 24 hour butler service, Assawan Spa and Health club, helicopter transfers and tours, exclusive private beach, access to Wild Wadi Water Park, Yacht charter, Sinbad’s kids club among many other attractions.

So, do book flights to  Dubai and stay at 'Burj Al Arab' to find out, if it truly does deserves a seven star rating. You might even want to add a star or two!

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