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3D Printed Building to be Built in Dubai

Cazza Technologies has announced its plan to build the world's largest 3D printed building in Dubai!

This 3D printed building after its completion will be the largest 3D-printed structure in the world. During the construction of this building, there will be no need to build specialized cranes and other bulk material handling equipment. The building will be used for administrative purposed by the municipality.

The 3D technology has been already introduced many other fields. The successful implementation of this project will inspire other technological maestros to make further inventions in this field.

Cazza Technologies happens to be the first company to make an effort to build a 3D printed skyscraper, but there are some other construction companies as well who have completed smaller projects, for example, a tiny guesthouse was built in Amsterdam using this technology and a Suzhou-style Chinese villa was constructed in Binzhou. This technology is likely to become very popular and can be cheaper, time-saving too. But at present, the large construction houses across the world are in 'wait and watch' mood.

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i love the 3D printed skyscraper building in Dubai. hoping it will be constructed in real.

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