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Must Do Activities

Try Out the Best Outdoor Adventures in Dubai


Are you an adrenaline junkie or perhaps you are always searching for thrill-seeking activities whenever you visit a new city? Dubai, the most popular city in the United Arab Emirates, does not disappoint those looking to go an extra mile when it comes to adventure. If you have visited every possible landmark in the city, including the Dubai Museum, then definitely try out these outdoor adventures you have been dreaming about!

Desert Camping

Desert Camping
Credit: Viator

Why stay in a luxurious hotel when you can camp out in nature? Dubai has an abundance of the desert area, and with the temperatures now dropping slowly, you can throw some gear into a rented 4X4 and prepare yourself to spend a night underneath the stars. Definitely research and book overnight desert safari so that you don’t get lost in the endless and forever changing maze of sand around.

Reef and Wreck Diving

Scuba Dive
Credit: Viator

Not many know that the history of this Arab city begins with pearl diving in the sea. Reefs are sparse along the Dubai coastline, but a guided trip will take you a few miles offshore where you can even get a chance to explore some wrecks resting peacefully at the bottom of the sea.


Credit: Viator

What better way to enjoy the ever-changing topography of Dubai than with an aerial view. Get yourself the ultimate thrilling experience of skydiving as you get to truly experience Palm Jumeirah and other such architectural wonders while you tumble out of an aeroplane.

Mountain Biking

Mountain Biking

Whoever thought this Emirate is just filled with sand is definitely in for a surprise! The Hajar Mountains run east of Dubai and mountain biking in this rough terrain is a very popular activity. Explore the narrow trails, animal paths and wadi beds where your only company besides your friends would be a guide, and some lizards, snakes, mountain goats and wild donkeys.

All set for some adrenaline? Either try out one of these fantastic activities or book some tickets at the theme park tours in Dubai with your family for a fun-filled time.


This is just simple and enjoyable...especially i loved Mountain Biking....seriously its just stunning and Skydiving is just beautifully pasted here... and yes it is a better way to enjoy the ever-changing topography of Dubai than with an aerial view. nice blog thanks for sharing!
Nice blog posts regarding Dubai. It will really help thoe who are doing business in Dubai or visiting in Dubai.
Ailsa lena
This is really interesting and enjoyable.
Really nice post, good idea to do a post about this! There's some great ideas! Also, I think that a boat tour in dubai is super fun
Irfan Asim Khan
Your article will helpful for Dubai visitors. Thank you for explaining the best outdoor activities in Dubai.

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