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Tips to save money in Dubai

With costs spiraling up higher than the height of Burj Dubai, saving money in Dubai can be quite easier said than done. But some tips (it may differ for an expat and a tourist), will always save a penny for an emergency. Visiting in Dubai is not a rich men’s past time nor is it inaccessible for the low budget travelers. It’s how you manage your budget and do some quick thinking which will always let you explore more of the city without drying up your bank balance. So here are some tips for tourists/expats traveling to Dubai who believes in less is more:
  • Restaurant_Dubai
    Restaurants can be expensive!

Be more partial towards café’s rather than restaurants as they are less expensive and serve more amount of food. Also you might get the extra additions with your meal like pickles, olives, bread, salad that will surely fill up your tummy. May be you won’t really enjoy the ambience all the time, but the food’s great and that surely should perk you up! If you are still adamant about eating at a 5 star restaurant then try business lunches which are much, much cheaper than their dinners.
  • Pick up a villa or apartment rather than a Hotel Room
Furnished apartment dubai
Villas or apartments can turn out to be a better deal especially if you are traveling as a family. They are inexpensive, self-catering, offer a larger space area, come with a fully equipped kitchen and are also nearby to Dubai's attractions and beaches. Visit if you are in a search for an apartment or a villa.
  • Taxis or Renting Car?
Taxis are cheaper than renting a car but sometimes luxury and need for privacy take its toll on our minds and we feel the need for hiring a car. But hiring a car in Dubai doesn't make any sense, because the traffic is not sane and you don't want to spoil your day finding your way back to the hotel. There are plenty of taxis available so leave the reins in the hands of your taxi driver, just plop back and enjoy Dubai!
  • Shop at markets rather than at expensive shopping malls
Instead of roaming around in huge shopping malls and gazing with sunken eyes at a Versace outfit, the best way out will be the nearest shopping markets at Diera where a little bargain haggling and nagging can let you lay your hands on some fresh produce and exquisite goods. Also you will get to enjoy the lively market atmosphere like the one back home!
  • Carpooling

If you are tourist traveling alone or an expat in Dubai, then carpooling is a cheap way out to commonly accessed travel spots. You can carpool with your friends or even take advantage of RTA’s official carpool service. This is a great way to save costs and if interested their official website address is
  • Bookings

Always make bookings well in advance and book a flight and hotel package which is always cheaper. Also check cheap and round-trip flights to Dubai that will cut your traveling costs and will let you spend more during your stay in Dubai. The more in advance you book, the more discounts you can benefit from. Travel light as airlines always charge for extra baggage. An important tip is to travel off season when prices are at an all-time low and the place is also less crowded.
  • Smart Shopping

There are some people who think Dubai is all about gold. And it’s not completely wrong. Dubai is a tax-free shopping hub in the Middle East, but there are yet some shops which will offer you cheaper prices than the rest. Do some research about Gold Souks, Duty Free Shopping at airports, Dubai Tailors and fashion stores before spending your precious money.
  • Entertainer Vouchers
Entertainer Vouchers
There’s a great voucher book called the ‘The Entertainer’. You will find some amazing ‘Buy one, get one Free’ vouchers for local restaurants, golf courses and amusement parks. So it’s a great chance not only to save money, but also to try a different restaurant or mall that otherwise would have been too expensive for you. Visit their official site:
  • Self Catering

If you have decided to rent a villa or apartment then do make use of their kitchen because that will surely not only save your money but can be quite a fun if everyone joins in.

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Dubai is a beautiful place to visit ,Your tips make my tour budget friendly.Thanks for share this beautiful tip for saving money in Dubai.

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