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Taste the Best Middle Eastern Food in Dubai

Al Hallab Restaurants UAE
Credit: Al Hallab Restaurants UAE

The most popular city in the United Arab Emirates has plenty to show in terms of luxury, style and sheer Arabian extravagance. Dubai is known for its high rise skyscrapers, ever-increasing number of shopping malls and even it’s 5-star hotels. Now while there are more things to do and explore, why not try tasting the delicious Middle Eastern food that Dubai is notable for as well.

Al Hallab

Al Hallab Restaurants UAE Food
Credit: Al Hallab Restaurants UAE

Don’t you just crave some hummus with meat, or just some freshly cooked falafels to fill your appetite? This filling meal is brilliantly made at Al Hallab and with a location in Downtown Dubai, this place is a must visit!

Sultan’s Lounge

Credit: Jumeirah

This moderately priced restaurant is a hidden gem when it comes to a simple and comfortable setting with a great atmosphere and friendly staff. They have plenty of choices, and the lunch served is delicious. Enjoy a casual chat with some drinks as you dine with your loved ones.

Al Safadi

Al Safadi Restaurant
Credit: Al Safadi Restaurant

Al Safadi restaurant is clean, with an impeccable service offered to all its clients. The Shawarma there is heavenly and do try it with a lime drink on the side for an exquisite experience!

Operation Falafel

Operation Falafel
Credit: Operation Falafel

Operation Falafel is indeed a brilliant spot to hang out with kids and enjoy a fun-filled family time. The hummus and the fresh bread, along with some lentil soup is truly addicting. Not only that, but the hot and freshly served food is sure to pamper your stomach!

Get set to have the perfect Arabian adventure! Book some luxurious tours in Dubai, and get set to experience the thrill and life in this rich Emirate.

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