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Majestic Monuments in Dubai

Enlighten your life with the best attractions in Dubai. Dubai is famous for its mega structures and amazing skyscrapers, not to mention the historic sites and monuments that draw tourist attractions all these years. Here are some of the monuments you might want to see when you are staying in Dubai:

Dubai Museum
Old Dubai aera and museum, UAE, November 2007
It was in 1799 when AL Fahidi Fort was established and believed to be  oldest building in Dubai.  It was built to defend the city from foreign invasion. The marvelous fort is now known as the Dubai Museum where you can experience Dubai’s heritage and rich culture since its inception in 1971. At the Museum's entrance, you can find the majestic collection of old maps of the Gulf and the Emirates, showcasing the urban expansion of Dubai from 1960 to 1980. Dubai Museum offers an exceptional trip to desert life, traditional Arabian homes, mosques, fishing, pearl diving and trade. Among the highlights that can be witnessed in the museum are artifacts such as old weaponry and also musical instruments made of goatskin.

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