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Experience Adventure in the Desert of Dubai

Desert motorbike

In the real world, Dubai is often associated to be the city to loosen your wallet and shop till you drop. With so many different architectural innovations coming up, it is definitely hard to imagine that this city was once the land of the desert. Looking past the glitz, we assure you, Dubai, can offer up some serious fun especially when it comes to thrill seekers.

The most common are the Desert Safaris. While you are not control of the vehicle, but instead driven around you can surf the dunes and watch the sunset. It is the ultimate family outing. Famous for showcasing the natural terrain to the public at large, you can book tours with large groups that provide the perfect Arabian experience which includes dune bashing and an off-road trip in the desert at night to enjoy the local cuisine and entertainment.

Even if you are not into adventure, but simply would like to view the sandy landscape in a different manner, then we recommend that you must try at least one of the sports mentioned below.

Motor Bike

Motor bikes

The quickest and easiest way to get your adrenaline pumping is by using the Motor Bike on the sandy surface. While you don’t have to be experienced, you must at least be able to balance a two-wheeler. You can cruise by and surf the dunes in a way which will leave you exhilarated. You get to explore new slopes almost every time. It is, after all, an ever-changing canvas.

Quad Bike

Quad bike

If you experience difficulty with the stability of the two wheels but still want to pave your own way in the sand, the Quad Bike is the next best thing. Armed with protective gear, you can zoom past your friends sitting in the car and rush through on the sand; with the supervision of instructors of course!


Buggy tour

A relatively low key ride compared to the rest, the Buggy tour will make sure that you are as close to the desert as possible with at least four people in the same vehicle. It is an entirely different experience when compared to the typical Desert safari because the dune buggy is more open.

With no doors or windows, the vehicle is simply equipped with a roll cage and bucket seats with seat belts for safety. While this may seem to be the least extreme of the three, it will definitely provide you with the thrill that you seek, even when you’re having a fun time with friends.

Each vehicle is available for rent, and with the lessons taught by the instructors, you can keep up and sail through the sand whether you are a beginner or a pro. The accessories are provided by the tour organisers that make the ride more safe and fun for everyone involved so you don’t have to worry about anything.

You can easily book a tour and experience this Emirate in a whole different light which will leave you appreciating the natural land and keep you coming back for more.


The perfect desert experience ! I had so much fun. Definite must try for all!
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