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Dubai Seaplane Adventure Flight

Credit: Viator
Credit: Viator
Taking in the sights of Dubai by seaplane is possibly the best of the many Dubai activities. The adventure is 40 minutes long and the mode of vehicle is a modernized seaplane, a Cessna amphibian aircraft with the ability to both fly and skim over the water.
The experience starts out quickly skimming the waters of the Arabian Gulf. The seaplane – the Cessna then flies high up in the sky, offering amazing views of the city's iconic skyscrapers. One of the best sights is the sky view of the Burj Khalifa, Dubai's monumental superstructure. It's a thrilling experience to soar high over these towering structures while you visit Dubai. Seeing Dubai from an aerial perspective is a unique and invigorating experience.

The seaplane next travels over the majestic Palm Jumeirah islands. These islands are man-made and offer a beautiful view of an enclave of trees stretching out to sea. "The World" is a collaboration of about 300 islands set to look like the continents of the world. The beauty and uniqueness of this location can only be fully appreciated when observed from high in the sky.

For the next phase of the adventure, the Cessna circles high above Port Rashid, then heads inland to fly over the cities most prominent neighborhoods. The neighborhoods of Deira and Bur Dubai can be clearly seen from the air. The next sight to see is the Dubai Marina. Soaring high above the land, one can see the luxury yachts in the canal area and the waterfront skyscrapers. Another noteworthy sight is watching the bustling activity Jebel Ali, Dubai's trade hub and one of the most active ports in the world.

The seaplane will then proceed back to the waterfront for a thrilling sea landing. You will then exit the plane onto dry land with memories to last a lifetime.

Book the seaplane flight right away and experience the thrill.

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