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Hotels in Dubai for people with special needs

Grant Hyatt Dubai
Grant Hyatt Dubai, Credit: Hyatt Corporation
Sometimes luxury doesn’t always mean having a private swimming pool or a private beach aside your room. But it can assume a different meaning for physically disabled guests.

For them luxury denotes wheelchair access or a wheel-in shower or a stair free restaurant in the hotel. It’s just utilizing most of the services offered by the hotel without any restrictions.

Hotels that cater to all types of guests can be termed as ‘complete’ in the true sense as they pay attention to every minute need of their guest, whether physically able or disable.

Dubai is a traveler’s paradise and the finest hotels in the world have found their grounds here. So expecting hotels to suffice the need of a physically challenged guest wouldn’t be expecting much and neither does Dubai disappoint. There are many hotels in Dubai that pay special attention to their guests and are categorized according to their star rating.

Facilities offered by disabled friendly hotels in Dubai:

  • Specially designed rooms
  • Wheelchair-accessible doors and elevators
  • Beds of lower height
  • Remote-controlled curtains
  • Roll-in showers
  • Supports in the toilets and bathromms
  • Accessible public toilets on the ground floor

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