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Dubai to have Flying Drone Taxis

EHang184 Drone taxi in Dubai

Now you can avoid traffic and its hassles completely by travelling around Dubai. The Emirate has become the first city to introduce drone taxis that will carry passengers from one place to the other.

The Arabian city of Dubai consistently leads the world in many aspects, and this time they have done it again and have become a tech hub for the Middle East. 

These drones are designed to carry a person along with some luggage. Mattar Al Tayer, the chief of Dubai’s roads & transportation agency, has announced that these kinds of drone taxis will be operational in Dubai from July 2017 to ferry travellers. The Ehang 184, ‘Made in China’ autopilot drone can carry a passenger for 30 minutes weighing over 220 pounds. Test flights for the same have already been made and the prospects are looking very promising as the drone has a ‘fail-safe system’ which ensures passenger safety in an event of an emergency and immediately make a smooth landing.

The drone is powered by a battery kept in the aircraft which can go over half an hour and runs the drone at speeds up to 100 km/h. The drone will be operated by a control room on the ground.

This initiative will certainly set milestones for urban transportation all over the world.


Denis Stanovsky
Wondering if the Flying Drone Taxis are operational yet and in service. If not what the starting date? Thank You, -Denis Stanovsky
Inna Laurie
This article is impressive I really appreciate your thoughts.. Cheers
stauncelous lombe mutisya
nice idea wish ui can be given opportunity to work with you
Ashwath Kumar
Pls tell the date of this Article published.
Fahad Iqbal
Sir, your idea is very good.I think person arched her place very easily and time. But i want to know how cost on your drone taxi plane? I mean What is price of drone taxi? Thanks
nice work, i appreciate your work. excellent (y)

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